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  • Solid Biofuel Solutions

  • Akron - Transport Equipments for Biomass

    Akron - Transport Equipments for Biomass

    Akron offers a wide array of solutions for transport of biomass in the form of wood chips and pellets. Augers and belt conveyors offer safe and secure transportation also of wet material. Common for most components is that they are all developed inhouse and optimised for their respective functions. Own development and manufacturing allows special designs for individual installations.

  • Fan Solutions

  • Akron - High Performance Fan

    Akron - High Performance Fan

    At Akron, we have devoted the past 50 years to master the flow of air. We have put tens of thousands of hours into research and development of fan technology, of wing profile design, optimisation and modulisation of fans and auxiliary technology. Today, we have one of the widest and most comprehensive ranges of industrial fans on the market. No matter if you require a breeze or a full storm - we have the fan for you.

  • Motors

  • Akron - Electric Motors and Cooling Fluid Pumps

    Akron - Electric Motors and Cooling Fluid Pumps

    Since the 1960s, Akron has delivered electric motors and cooling fluid pumps for fans, industrial processes and agriculture. For about 25 years, from 1978 to 2003, the business was conducted by the subsidiary Jansin AB - a familiar concept to most people in the business.