Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET)

Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET)

AET is an R&D / manufacturing company whose primary business activities include research, development, manufacturing and testing of diesel engines, engine components and instrumentation for transportation, power generation and related applications, as well as associated fuels research and exhaust emissions analysis.

Company details

17 Fitzgerald Road, Suite 102 , Ottawa , Ontario K2H 9G1 Canada
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Power Distribution
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Corporate Goals:

  • Our corporate objectives are twofold:
    1. to develop and manufacture customized diesel engine related products to meet specific niche market needs, and
    2. to provide to our clients a high level of research/engineering capability and technical service, based on the strengths of skilled research/technical personnel.
  • In support of these objectives, AET is dedicated to maintaining a strong, current capability in applied research and testing for engine/engine component and instrumentation development.

AET research and development activities are focussed on six main product areas:

  • patented diesel fuel ignition quality test equipment (IQT™), based on Southwest Research Institute technology (ASTM / Energy Institute test method approved, number designation ASTM 6890 / IP 498)
  • compact, ultra-light weight, diesel engines and generator sets,
  • self-contained backup / peak shaving electric power generation units (with or without co-generation)
  • fully automated common rail fuel injection test rig
  • diesel low temperature starting aids,
  • sensor technology for diesel engines
  • advanced fuel injection systems
  • engine condition monitoring technology for diesel engine applications, developed in co-operation with the National Research Council utilizing its patented ICAV technology

AET’s laboratory facilities are located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Overview of AET Research/Test Capabilities and Facilities

  • Engine/Components Testing (Long/Short Duration)
  • High Temperature Testing - Engines / Components up to +70°C
  • Low Temperature Testing - Engines / Components down to -65°C
  • Conventional and Future Fuel Compositional Experimentation/Analysis
  • Fuel Lubricity Testing (Falex Ball-on-Three-Disk Method and ASTM D6079 High Frequency Reciprocating Rig)
  • Engine Air Induction / Combustion Optimization
  • Fuel Ignition Quality Testing (IQT™ Method)
  • Engine Emissions Testing/Analysis

Military Standard Testing

  • Durability Tests
  • Engine Long Term Durability Tests
  • Rain, Ice and Freezing Rain Tests
  • Humidity Tests
  • Vibration Tests
  • Sand and Dust Tests
  • Salt Fog / Corrosion Tests

Prototyping / Systems Integration

  • Design / Model Shop Mechanical Fabrication Capabilities (Cadkey)
  • Design / Fabrication, Electrical and Electronics Prototyping

Product Manufacturing / Assembly

  • IQT Component Manufacturing / Assembly
  • Auto Start Air
  • Emergency Backup Power Generator Sets - Fuelled with natural gas propane or diesel fuel
  • Standby Power Generator Sets - for peak shaving applications combined with waste heat recovery