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  • Online Services

    Online Services

    Online Tools - calculate your case of application. In case of indoor installation of blowers or compressors some influencing factors have to be considered. You can input the values for your case of application online and the result will be shown directly.

  • Field Service

    Machine availability is all. All the more so in view of the vital processes in the middle of which you have located the compressor technology of AERZEN for good reasons. AERZEN develops this technology to solve the task “process gas” for you. Permanently. AERZEN field service is of support to you - even long after the purchase of a packaged unit. With competence and spare parts of a quality which only your OEM can offer.

  • Commissioning Services

    Commissioning Services

    Commissioning of AERZEN machines at your premises is, of course, part of our services. Fast and competent. Our experienced AERZEN service technicians will commission the unit and will hand it over to you in turnkey condition.

  • Inspection and Maintenance Services

    Inspection and Maintenance Services

    Do you need regular inspection and maintenance, or maintenance of your AERZEN packaged unit? Or do you have a technical problem which cannot be solved by our phone support or by your own maintenance team? Then, AERZEN assembly service will help you. Our teams, which are in place all over the world, know what is important, and will quickly arrive on site and to provide you with expert help.

  • Repairs Services

    Repairs Services

    In our newly-equipped and designed repair center, we offer repairs of AERZEN Positive Displacement Blowers, Screw Compressors and Gas Meters as well as external blower and compressor stages. No matter whether you ask for the repair of an AERZEN stage or an external stage you in person can effect assembly and disassembly of the stages as well as the commissioning or you can order AERZEN staff to be of service.

  • Maintenance Contracts Services

    Maintenance Contracts Services

    The availability of your own technical personnel is a significant criterion in your decision between a basic maintenance contract or a full maintenance contract with AERZEN for your machine or your machine configuration. Make effective use of your own resources and “purchase” only the external capabilities which you really need. Our service packages offer considerable flexibility for individual agreements.

  • Original Aerzen Parts

    AERZEN Original Spare Parts are tailormade for our Screw Compressors, Rotary Piston Blowers and Gas Meters. Our parts guarantee a maximum of safety regarding the product and your custom designed needs.

  • Spare Parts Services

    Spare Parts Services

    AERZEN Original Spare Parts are tailormade for our Screw Compressors, Rotary Piston Blowers and Gas Meters. Our parts guarantee a maximum of safety regarding the product and your custom designed needs.

  • Service Kits

    Service Kits

    Carefully assembled kits with precisely those parts you need for maintenance and repair will save you time and money while minimising machine downtimes. No more reading through parts lists, no more annoying order and delivery problems. Trust in our sum of experience! Furthermore the kits are lower-priced than an individual purchase of the parts and you will receive the parts in OEM quality.

  • Original Aerzen Special Oil

    Original Aerzen Special Oil

    Oil is not always ”Oil“! With decades of experience we know that 72% of all bearing problems are directly related to improper lubrication either due to contaminated oil, rapid ageing, or unsuitable quality for use in high speed machines. Be pro-active, ensure you use a lubricant that is designed for the high mechanical loading, varying pressure, high temperatures, and exposure to oxygen and moisture in your machine. A reduction in...

  • Stand-By and Replacement Stages

    Stand-By and Replacement Stages

    AERZEN offers a large stock of blower, compressor or screw compressor stand-by stages. By means of continuous improvements directly on the product our stand-by stages are always technically up-to-date. Highest quality for innovators - Expect Performance.

  • AERZEN - nRelubrication Device

    AERZEN - nRelubrication Device

    AERZEN relubrication devices lubricate the bearings of electric motors automatically and dosed with the correct grease quantity according to manufacturer’s specifications. Time intervals are possible up to 36 months. This allows a permanent and economical operation of all packaged units made by Aerzen.

  • Analysis and Consulting

    AERZEN will be glad to help you optimising your AERZEN packaged units and plants. Your satisfaction with our products and services is our top priority. For this reason, AERZEN provides a team of specialists who takes care of your individual inquiries and requirements,from customer consultation up to real time monitoring of your plant. We offer you a broad portfolio of customised services. Just contact us! We will support you quickly and competently.

  • Acoustic Evaluations Services

    Acoustic Evaluations Services

    Optimisations in planning and projecting phase and at already existing plants. AERZEN machines run quietly. But because operational environments differ, we have acoustic specialists on hand to help with the solutions you need, quickly and sustainably.

  • Machine Diagnosis for Professional Data Analysis Services

    Machine Diagnosis for Professional Data Analysis Services

    Machine diagnosis means testing the units for vibration. The goal is to extend the units’ run time by measuring their vibration on a regular basis. AERZEN’s alternative is to measure vibration, temperature and RPM with a mobile device, as well as using an integrated system for constant online monitoring.