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  • Control Technology

    Whether AERZEN machines or foreign brands – with the established control technology from AERZEN, your packaged units are operated conveniently, safely and efficiently. Its scope of functions offers our customers a wide range of possibilities for control and safety of AERZEN packaged units. If the packaged unit is active, from now on, the control unit guarantees for the operator the operation according to requirements of the machine.

  • AERsmart - Machine Control System

    AERsmart - Machine Control System

    AERZEN has the best machine technologies for the job, with Blower, Hybrid and Turbo. AERsmart, the new intelligent machine control, raises their performance even further. AERsmart distributes air flows optimally between the various technologies and their individual efficiency levels. End result: standalone efficiency levels close to the theoretical maximum. Additional savings of up to 15%. Integration of third-party manufacturers’.

  • AERtronic - Unit Control Systems

    AERtronic - Unit Control Systems

    With the worldwide established AERtronic AERZEN sets new standards with its series Delta Blower, Delta Hybrid and Delta Screw. It concerns a modern, uniform and intelligent control system of packaged units. Also the easy connection of an optional power cabinet of any manufacturers can be realised at any time. Its range of function offers the customers a wide spectrum of possibilities for control, securing and maintenance of AERZEN units.

  • AERprocess - Dissolved Oxygen Control

    AERprocess - Dissolved Oxygen Control

    Aerzen’s AERprocess Dissolved Oxygen Control is an integrated solution for controlling the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in the activated sludge treatment process and the blowers used to generate the process air flow requirement. The AERprocess system is able to maintain DO concentrations at their set points using a smart and efficient control strategy.