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  • Environment, Health & Safety

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Services

    Environmental Impact Assessment Services

    We offer our services in conducting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that contributes to our customers’ better managing their their plans and projects in accordance to environmental requirements and the effects of change. Our emphasis is on close collaboration among our environmental specialists, the customer and the project designers during an environmental impact assessment (EIA study). In this way it is possible to adjust...

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Services

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Services

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) has become a critical tool to identify project risks that can lead to costly project delays. This holistic approach builds positive stakeholder relationships, identifies and solves problems early on, effectively manages risks, avoids costly scheduling delays and, ultimately, identifies those social license items that require change in order to operate. Environmental and Social...

  • Waste Management

  • Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Services

    Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Services

    With a thorough understanding of the regulatory and business environment affecting the solid waste industry, we offer cost effective and technically sound design and construction services. Our team of environmental consultants and engineers work together to meet your requirements.

  • Waste to Energy Services

    Waste to Energy Services

    We have the expertise and together with our international partners, we have decades of experience in landfill design, permitting, construction monitoring, operations support, environmental monitoring, facility closure and post-closure engineering services.

  • Water

  • Surface Water & Hydrology Services

    Surface Water & Hydrology Services

    Our Surface Water & Hydrology team consist of environmental scientists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists and engineers devoted to developing solutions for surface water, sediment transport and water management issues, providing comprehensive and integrated services in all aspects of surface water planning, design and construction. We help our clients identify areas for sustainable water resource development, site water management, and more...

  • Water and Natural Resources Management Services

    Water and Natural Resources Management Services

    With our international partners, we offer innovative water engineering solutions for our clients in construction, construction management services in a wide area of water resource projects.

  • Wastewater Engineering Services

    Wastewater Engineering Services

    Wastewater Treatment/Engineering is a multifaceted environmental engineering and design consultancy dedicated to delivering technical and service excellence in water treatment. Our multidisciplinary team of consultants and environmental engineers offer a wealth of experience in the evaluation, design, construction, operations and maintenance of complex water resource and treatment solutions. Our teams can identify the financial, social,...

  • Sustainability

  • Sustainability Reporting Services

    Sustainability Reporting Services

    Sustainable development is a complex issue that requires a “systems” view – consideration of various labour, community, environmental and economic factors that shape and influence the project. Our Sustainability Report Services are delivered by our team of specialist to develop practical solutions to one of the world’s most pressing challenges – responsible development for sustainable communities. Our...

  • Project Management Services

    Project Management Services

    We provide project management combined with the excellence in technical expertise and vast experience of our consultants and our international partners. Aspects of project management we provide include:

  • Risk Assessment Services

    Risk Assessment Services

    In collaboration with our international partners who have extensive experience globally in this field, we offer extensive range of human health and ecological risk assessment and risk management services. We can undertake contaminated site requiring remediation or a new development facing public opposition, our technical expertise and stakeholder practitioners provide you with the knowledge and analytical tools necessary to identify...