A.J.E. Systems (UK) Ltd

A.J.E. Systems (UK) Ltd

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  • All Scale Europe Prodcuts

  • Field Recording Systems

    Field Recording Systems

    In field weight recording systems. Accurate weighing systems with in field print outs for accurate recording of harvest weights from piecework labour. Ensure accurate no quibble records.Also records full field data. Simple cost effective easy to use system for even the largest of picking teams.

  • Bagioni Harvesting Equipment

  • Courgette Harvester

    Courgette Harvester

    2 operating places. Two 12V – 120A batteries. Battery charger: 220V. Battery lifetime: 8/10 hours. Speed: 0 to 4 km/h ( 0 – 2.48 mph ). Mean harvest: 0.1 ton/h ( 45.4 lb/h.). Programmable electronic brake. Programmable acceleration. CE-marked machine. Box supports.