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  • Model STB 21 - Bioreactor Systems

    Model STB 21 - Bioreactor Systems

    The (bio)logical answer to conventional collection tank systems.Less efforts, lower operational costs - and higher availability of the rail cars. The mobile small waste water treatment plant impresses through higher economic efficiency in rail traffic. Protec Rail has developed the »Bioreactor« - an unprecedented biological toilet system. The Bioreactor has significantly lower operational costs compared to closed collection tank systems....

  • Model DDZ - Bioreactor Systems

    Model DDZ - Bioreactor Systems

    The project deals with the refurbishment of 240 coaches of the intercity trains from the DDAR eet in the Netherlands. In the year 2009 the  modernization into DDZ (Dubbel Dekker Zones) trains has been started. 2 types of inside-mounted bioreactors were developed to treat the waste water:  ABv for standard toilets, Bv1 for handicapped accessible toilets. The round shape of the bioreactor insures optimized space reservation and operation. In...

  • Model STB 22 - Bioreactor Systems

    Model STB 22 - Bioreactor Systems

    To meet the requirements of the high passenger volume, the SBB acquired a total of 60 two floor multiple unit trains type DTZ of the company Siemens. Those were supposed to be used in the Greater Zurich area. SBB decided to equip these local passenger trains with bioreactors delivered by Protec. Each train is equipped with a sanitary facility suitable for the disabled, in which an inside-mounted bioreactor of the type STB 22 is installed. As an...

  • Model EW IV - Bioreactor Systems

    Model EW IV - Bioreactor Systems

    With 485 vehicles, the Einheitswagen IV forms the backbone of the SBB-fleet. In the year 2002 the SBB began to upgrade these 15 year old vehicles to be able to reach a speed of 200 km/h. Additionally, a closed WC system was installed. For logistic reasons and because there were  economical advantages using bioreactors it was decided to install these bioreactors. Therefore, a significant saving of ex-penses concerning the required infrastructure...

  • Fresh Water and Collection Tanks

    Fresh Water and Collection Tanks

    With our know-how we design and manufacture the required tanks for water and waste water storage at rail vehicles. Pre-finished modules with integrated fittings and control technology result. In particular also for the drinking water supply of dining-cars.