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  • ALCOM - Real Plastic

    ALCOM - Real Plastic

    ALCOM contains technologically advanced, refined system compounds with outstanding properties and customised modifications to improve your specific applications. For you this means: various possibilities for new design and construction ideas.

  • ALTECH - Plastic Solutions

    ALTECH - Plastic Solutions

    ALTECH solutions are technical custom solutions within the ALBIS product range. Whether you need plastic that can flow, that is heat resistant, can be demoulded easily or has high impact strength despite a soft feel – and all this in your corporate colours – or even a combination of all these properties. If your material should achieve more than a conventional plastic, we most likely already have a fitting technical compound in our ALTECH...

  • ALFATER XL - Flexible, Cross-linked Hard-soft Solution

    ALFATER XL - Flexible, Cross-linked Hard-soft Solution

    ALFATER XL belongs to the TPE family and is a blend of a polypropylene matrix and a dispersed phase of EPDM. It combines the properties of many conventional elastomers with the advantages of thermoplastics. Exceptional properties and a variety of possible technical applications are obtained due to the very finely distributed elastomer particles in the thermoplastic polymer matrix. ALFATER XL® is especially used in the automotive industry. Cost...

  • CELLIDOR - Thermoplastic Cellulose Ester

    CELLIDOR - Thermoplastic Cellulose Ester

    CELLIDOR is an organic, thermoplastic cellulose ester which consists of approximately 45% cellulose, a renewable natural material. This means that, unlike traditional plastics, it is only partially dependent on finite fossil fuel resources. Not least because of its outstanding property profile, CELLIDOR® can already look back on over 100 years of market success: it combines the classic strengths of a thermoplastic with the advantages of a...

  • Ultramid S - Plastic Polyamide 6.10.

    Ultramid S - Plastic Polyamide 6.10.

    Ultramid S is a 6.10 polyamide and is used everywhere as a technical material where low dampness absorption and consequent dimensional consistency are key requirements. Ultramid S is therefore used for precision parts in precision mechanics and in apparatus manufacturing.