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  • Recycling Industry

    The treatment of waste and residual materials is one of the most important issues of the future. Since the 1970s KAHL has dealt with plant technologies aiming at a reasonable and economic recovery. The sophisticated KAHL flat die pelleting presses are suitable for the production of fluff and pellets for thermal or material recovery. The pelleting presses are the central elements of many custom-made turn-key recycling plants built by us. We reasonably complete our flat die pelleting presses b

  • KAHL  - Waste Tyre Recycling Plants

    KAHL - Waste Tyre Recycling Plants

    Waste tyre granulates with a high purity degree; With KAHL flat die pelleting presses the product is ground to a particle size of 0.4 to 0.6 mm. Our company has decades of experience in the compaction and pelleting of raw materials. This process ensures effective and economical granulation of difficult products such as waste tyres - completely without nitrogen. The flat die pelleting presses are characterized by their sturdy construction and...

  • KAHL  - Domestic Waste Pelleting Plants

    KAHL - Domestic Waste Pelleting Plants

    COMPACT ENERGY - Waste belongs to the category of the most difficult materials to be processed. With KAHL plants municipal and industrial waste can be transformed into valuable alternative fuels.

  • KAHL - Compost Pelleting Plant

    KAHL - Compost Pelleting Plant

    VALORISATION OF A RAW MATERIAL - Compost products continually require new markets. KAHL have developed a process for the production of fertiliser pellets from compost.

  • KAHL - Economic Pelleting Plants of Coke Breeze

    KAHL - Economic Pelleting Plants of Coke Breeze

    Due to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, waste materials, in this case coke breeze, are a major burden for the steel mills. Coke breeze should therefore be available at extremely low purchase prices or even free of charge. It is normal practice for the steel mills in the U.S., China and Asia to pay money to landfills in order to dispose of their coke breeze there.

  • Chemical Industry

    Compaction for the Chemical Industry; Powders, pastes or lumps - KAHL offers high-quality plants for the production of pellets in the chemical industry. We can offer the ideal solution both for pellets and for tablets. We plan and manufacture machines and plants according to your particular requirements. Our flat die presses work according to the extrusion principle. Depending on the nature of the material, cylindrical pellets with a diameter of 0.6 to 50 mm can be produced. KAHL Technology

  • KAHL - Pelleting Presses

    KAHL - Pelleting Presses

    Powdery and lumpy products are reliably compacted with our well-proven flat die pelleting presses.

  • KAHL - Model O-500/390 - Overhead Drive Press for the Granulation of Pasty Products

    KAHL - Model O-500/390 - Overhead Drive Press for the Granulation of Pasty Products

    Granulation (pelleting) of raw materials, finished products, and waste can be achieved economically utilizing our ”horizontal flat die extrusion press“ compacting system. For processing of pasty products, the type O series = overhead drive has been developed. These presses are for example appropriate for catalysts, pigments, washing agent additives, clay, vulcanization accelerators, and instant vitamin C products.

  • KAHL - Direct Tabletting

    KAHL - Direct Tabletting

    KAHL process for the production of directly tablettable powder mixtures and for the extrusion of pharmaceutical powder mixtures.

  • KAHL - Model EAPR and DISTAMAT - Automatic Pelleting Press Control System

    KAHL - Model EAPR and DISTAMAT - Automatic Pelleting Press Control System

    Control – regulation – visualisation – operation of KAHL flat die pelleting presses; The EAPR is the pelleting press control system for an optimum, automatic operation of the flat die pelleting press of the company KAHL. It consists of a local control cabinet with graphic operator panel (OP) and a PLC with Step 7 CPU as central components.

  • KAHL - Model SMW - High-Speed Mixer

    KAHL - Model SMW - High-Speed Mixer

    The high-speed mixer excels by very short batch processing times (complete mixing within 20 - 90 seconds). Its design ensures easy cleaning of the mixer, complete product discharge, and perfect hygiene.

  • KAHL Rotospray - Micro-spraying System for Biomass Pellets

    KAHL Rotospray - Micro-spraying System for Biomass Pellets

    The KAHL Rotospray moistens solid matters with liquid additives thoroughly and still very economically. A rotating nozzle is the central part of the plant. A cone distributes the solid matters in the spraying chamber making sure that they are sprayed from all sides.

  • Other

  • KAHL - Technology for Food

    KAHL - Technology for Food

    With the process technologies of KAHL you can realise creative designs and innovative formulae. Flat-die pelleting presses shape your products. Cooking plants, high-speed mixers and belt driers and coolers ensure precise and economic handling of the expensive raw materials. 

  • Feed Industry

    KAHL Plants for the Production of Animal Feed; For more than 125 years KAHL have manufactured complete plants for the production of concentrate, shrimp and fish feed, premix, dried pulp from sugar beet and products with a high crude fibre content such as alfalfa and straw. With our pelleting presses and crumblers we shape your products perfectly. Today, KAHL annular gap expanders all over the world produce EXPANDAT® as an excellent alternative to mealy or pelleted animal feed. KAHL propo

  • KAHL - Annular Gap Expander

    KAHL - Annular Gap Expander

    Outstanding product properties have made the KAHL annular gap expander a success. EXPANDAT® ensures an improved feed conversion and excels by its high quality: Hygienic, biological, structurised, homogeneous. Low dust content. Granuar structure that meets the animals' needs. Excellent flow properties. Quickly soluble in water. Free from pathogenic germs and fungi.

  • KAHL AKANA - Hammer Mills

    KAHL AKANA - Hammer Mills

    No matter if cereals, straw or wood, mixtures or individual components are to be processed: KAHL AKANA hammer mills crush soft to medium-hard products with a high throughput.

  • KAHL - Pelleting Presses

    KAHL - Pelleting Presses

    Well-Proven for Animal Feed; You and your customers benefit from our long-standing experience with our KAHL pelleting presses. Our machines supply constantly uniform, optimally compacted pellets.

  • KAHL - Gentle Drying and Cooling Systems

    KAHL - Gentle Drying and Cooling Systems

    KAHL belt units dry and cool pellets without the formation of cracks. Convectional cooling provides heat exchange between product and air. Evaporative cooling removes water from the product. The cross and counter-current principle is efficient.

  • Petfood

    he production of pet food requires machines and plants that supply stable, abrasion-resistant pellets adapted to the customer's demand. With our KAHL pelleting presses and the KAHL extruder OEE the required properties of the feed can be realised in an optimal way. Together with our customers, we develop a suitable plant design including conditioners, coolers, driers, and a coating system.

  • KAHL - Extruder OEE

    KAHL - Extruder OEE

    The extruder OEE with an exchangeable and hydraulically adjustable die is an advancement of the KAHL annular gap expander. The user-friendly and flexible plant is available in different sizes.

  • Food Industry

  • KAHL - Extruder - Process Technology for the Production of Cereals & Snacks

    KAHL - Extruder - Process Technology for the Production of Cereals & Snacks

    Due to its extreme flexibility, the KAHL single-shaft extruder offers a variety of possible applications, and this at a comparatively moderate investment volume. Flakes or cornflakes, for example, can be produced by means of extrusion or traditional cooking and subsequent flaking. Expanded breakfast cereals or snacks can also be produced without difficulties using the KAHL extruder.

  • Biomass Pelleting

    Concentrated Energy;The energy crisis in the 1970s induced KAHL to deal with the issue of pelleting renewable raw materials. We started off with research assignments and continuously developed and improved our processes.Our customers benefit from the experience we gathered in this field. The result is an economic process with high quality pellets. From the small individual press to industrial wood pelleting:We can realise all the desired sizes(from 300 kg/h to 8,000 kg/h per press). Construc

  • KAHL - Wood Pelleting Plants

    KAHL - Wood Pelleting Plants

    KAHL WOOD PELLETING - A high quality awareness establishes KAHL on the wood pellet market. For more than 30 years Kahl has dealt with this product and can offer a sophisticated process for the production of high-quality pellets with very good combustibility, now.

  • KAHL - Straw Pelleting Plants

    KAHL - Straw Pelleting Plants

    Compact Energy; Pelleting of renewable raw materials for energy recovery has been a topic for KAHL for more than 30 years, after receiving corresponding research assignments following the energy crisis in the 1970's. Straw and dried forage pelleting plants have formed part of our delivery programme since then, too. So, we can rely on long-standing experience.

  • KAHL - Flat Die Pelleting Presses

    KAHL - Flat Die Pelleting Presses

    A Convincing Technology; For decades, KAHL pelleting plants have been applied successfully for compacting organic products of different consistency. Do you need constantly uniform, optimally compacted pellets? Our presses are able to produce pellets of 2 to 40 mm in diameter.

  • KAHL  - Pan Grinder Mill

    KAHL - Pan Grinder Mill

    To Prepare Quality Pellets - Wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips, and other lumpy biomass are crushed in an eco-friendly way using the KAHL pan grinder mill.

  • KAHL - Fabric Belt Drier for Wood

    KAHL - Fabric Belt Drier for Wood

    Intelligently Controlled for gentle drying of wood shavings and wood chips we have developed special belt driers ensuring: Optimum product quality amd Economic operation.