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  • Project Management & Consultancy Services

    Project Management & Consultancy Services

    The team is dedicated to working closely with customers to understand the customer’s needs and expectations as well as ensuring the customer continues to gain maximum results after the project handover. AMCS follows a proven project delivery structure to ensure successful execution and handover of every project for our customers within the recycling and waste industry.

  • Analytics Services

    Analytics Services

    Operational, financial and performance data is key for our customers to enable them to determine profitability of their services, operations and customers. The end to end nature of the AMCS suite gathers data on collection operations, customer activity, transfer stations and resource facilities to provide enterprise wide transparency and in depth reporting that is critical in identifying cost-savings and...

  • Customer Support Services

    Customer Support Services

    AMCS Support includes a highly experienced team of software and hardware support professionals who provide support via email, telephone across our full suite of software, hosted services and vehicle technology. The support team works closely with AMCS Professional Services team during project implementation and go-live to ensure all our customers have access to the highest levels of technical expertise required to ensure our solutions perform...

  • Business Process Review (BPR) Services

    Business Process Review (BPR) Services

    Business Process Review (BPR) is an invaluable service provided by AMCS initially conducted prior to going ‘live’ with any of our technology solutions. It is also available any time an organization sees the need for an independent, unbiased analysis of their system utilization and work procedures, to effect positive changes by increasing the efficiency of their staff.

  • Customer Self-Services

    Customer Self-Services

    Customer Self-Service takes the pressure off your customer service department by automating common interactions such as the taking of orders, dealing with complaints and queries. Build trust with customers by offering responsive and personalised support on their preferred channels. With 24/7 support and easy access to the answers they need. Wherever they are, we create great customer engagement. The system allows operators to configure automated...