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  • Handheld Pneumatic Tools

  • Paving Breakers

    Paving Breakers

    Patented ball valve design* (U.S. pat. # 8,276,682 B2). Drop-forged alloy steel handle. Built-in automatic oiler. Rubber handle grips. Latch-type retainer. Swivel hose connection. Standard universal air fitting. Noise-dampening mufflers available. Four-bolt backhead. Replaceable chuck bushing (except for model 140/140A).

  • Airgo-Line - Paving Breaker

    Airgo-Line - Paving Breaker

    Patented ball valve design* (U.S. pat. # 8,276,682 B2). Ergonomic handle dampens vibration; reduces shock to the operator. Same hitting power as standard breaker, reduces operator fatigue. Replaceable vibration isolator. Handle is interchangeable with APT standard model.

  • Rivet Buster/Demolition Tools

    Rivet Buster/Demolition Tools

    New closed-nose cylinder captivates the piston, thus adding an extra layer of safety. Includes traditional retainer system. Choice of 2 handle styles, available in all stroke sizes: New pistol-grip style handle with outside trigger, Classic “D” handle with inside trigger. Three stroke sizes: 6', 8' and 11'. All models use jumbo extra heavy-duty (11x) steel. 6' steel-braid reinforced whiphose, 1/2' NPT, and air fitting included with every...

  • Model 118 - Clay Digger

    Model 118 - Clay Digger

    Patented ball valve design (U.S. pat. # 8,276,682 B2). Built-in automatic oiler. D-style handle. Inside trigger for better control and safety.

  • Tampers


    Built-in large automatic oiler. Flapper valve design allows dirt to pass without stopping the tool. Internally reinforced large malleable 6' iron butt (standard). Pole butt (half-moon), and 3' diameter butt available.

  • Handheld Hydraulic Tools

  • APT - Model MH 11-MH 70 A - Hammer & Breakers

    APT - Model MH 11-MH 70 A - Hammer & Breakers

    APT hammers and breakers combine flexibility with hard-hitting power. The MH 11 pick hammer is designed for horizontal work in renovation, demolition, and structural alterations, while the MH 55 (medium-weight) and MH 70 (heavy-duty) multipurpose breakers are ideal for road building and maintenance on asphalt, brickwork, frozen soil, or concrete.

  • APT - Post Drivers

    APT - Post Drivers

    From soft soil to hard asphalt, APT post drivers give you plenty of power to drive down posts with little effort. Impressive blow force helps you keep working productively so you can finish the job faster. These models are designed for driving posts or rods for fences, road signs, crash barriers, tent anchors, and other applications.

  • APT - Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

    APT - Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

    Rugged APT hydraulic submersible pumps deliver excellent performance for their size and weight. They’re also tough enough to stand up to small stones and debris. These models are designed for continuous operation in applications such as pumping water out of building sites, flooded excavations or cellars.

  • APT - Hydraulic Core Drill

    APT - Hydraulic Core Drill

    Need to work in confined areas? The APT hydraulic core drill is the answer. It’s so compact, you can drill holes of up to 8 inches freehand. This drill is ideal for installing drainage, sewer, and water pipes, as well as cable and ventilation ducts where large, deep holes are needed.