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  • Military Services

    Military Services

    Our Military Services Group works with the United States military to treat and supply water and to collect and treat wastewater for military bases all over the country. We currently operate and maintain the water and wastewater networks at Forts Leavenworth, Sill, Bragg and Rucker.

  • Residential Services

    Residential Services

    Your home is your most valuable asset and maintaining and protecting it is of the utmost importance. American Water provides a host of services for homeowners to do just that. Aging pipes, invasive tree roots, soil conditions and seasonal changes, and normal wear and tear all can present problems and damage infrastructure, and homes with septic tanks need proper care and maintenance to keep them working properly. Our Residential Services section outlines...

  • Developer Services

    Developer Services

    Working with knowledgeable and experienced teams can bring enormous value to a development project. Not only do we offer a variety of water and wastewater services for developers across the nation, we offer teams of experienced professionals who can help you complete projects of any size.

  • Municipal Services

    Municipal Services

    For more than 121 years, we've been providing high-quality water and wastewater service to cities and towns across the country. We've seen all types of issues and challenges and have learned that one size solution doesn't fit all. Our solutions are varied and are customized to meet the unique needs of each individual project. We're experienced in creating infrastructure plans, building custom water and wastewater systems, developing 'green solutions' and...

  • Green Solutions

    Green Solutions

    It’s no secret that the earth’s water supply is dwindling, and it’s no secret that there is a growing need to develop and perfect new processes and technologies to preserve and recycle what supply we do have. The lack of adequate water supply can pose numerous problems to development and slow the growth. Bringing water to areas where it doesn’t exist, or is in short supply is another challenge that American Water is helping businesses and communities...

  • Commercial Services

    Commercial Services

    Our experienced teams have helped clients all over the country with their water and wastewater systems. We have the capability to operate and manage municipal water and wastewater systems, design and build systems of all sizes, and deploy teams of engineers and planners to help develop state-of-the-art systems. Our commercial clients count on us everyday to help them develop, build and maintain their systems, or to help improve existing ones. Our...

  • Federal Services

    Federal Services

    Our American Water Enterprises and Military Services Group works with the United States Government to provide water and wastewater services to a number of locations across the country. We're able to provide our full array of services, design/build, planning and engineering, and many more to help solve water and wastewater service challenges of all scopes and sizes.

  • Applied Water Management Group

    Applied Water Management Group

    With more than 6.7 billion people in the world, the demand on the water supply grows everyday. So smart use and reuse of this precious resource should be everyone’s priority. That’s where we come in. And that’s where you come in. Because regardless of project size, every gallon of water saved makes a positive impact on the environment. Together we’ll share information, ideas and most importantly, find solutions to our customers's water and wastewater...