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  • Mobile Crane Truck

    Mobile Crane Truck

    Our mobile crane trucks are used for transporting small propane tanks. The specially designed flat bed body has a mobile crane that picks up and moves the vessels to where they need to be placed. Once the small propane tanks are in their designated places, they are filled with propane used for home heating, commercial heating, and cooking. Our boom trucks are built with an extra heavy duty body solely made of aluminum extrusions with...

  • Fire Tanker

    Fire Tanker

    Amthor fire tankers have a pumping system that allows for water to be pumped from a pond, river, or fire hydrant once the water is depleted in the tank. It also has the ability to fill porta ponds as well. Aluminum and stainless steel tanks are available with full skirting and cabinet options with roll up doors. Each fire tanker truck can be customized with several options for pumping equipment with various...

  • Monarch - Refined Fuel Tankers

    Monarch - Refined Fuel Tankers

    Amthor International oil trucks are built tough meeting all DOT regulations. All oil tanks are built with driver safety peace of mind with overturn protection with expanded metal walkway and a low center of gravity. Our tanks can be custom designed for any job and are available in seven tank styles with five and seven year warranties.

  • Tanker Trailers

    Tanker Trailers

    Our tanker trailers are manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel and are used for the transportation of refined fuels, vacuum, potable and non-potable water up to 10,000 gallons. Tanker trailers are designed to save you time and money because you can carry a large amount of liquid at one time versus carrying with smaller vessels. Amthor offers tankers trailers with heavy duty construction options, several suspension options,...

  • Matador - Non Code Vacuum Tank Truck

    Matador - Non Code Vacuum Tank Truck

    We set the industry standard in fully customizable tanker trucks. Each of our products can be fully customized to meet all of your business’ needs. We also have an array of tank options that can increase the safety and efficiency of your tank. Pair your next vacuum tanker with a top of the line chassis – any combination of tank options and chassis can be made to your tanker at Amthor International. Special features of...