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  • Angstrom - Cleanroom Design Service

    Angstrom - Cleanroom Design Service

    At Angstrom Technology, our top priority is to provide you with the cleanroom that fits your exact needs. Whether your process requires an ISO 3 or an ISO 8 cleanroom, we have the tools, materials, and knowledge to design a cleanroom that will satisfy your needs. Our modular rooms can be constructed in a variety of ways, and can incorporate existing building walls, or can be free-standing within your facility. We have more than 25 years of experience...

  • Angstrom - Cleanroom Installation Service

    Angstrom - Cleanroom Installation Service

    Angstrom Technology only deals in modular cleanrooms because we know they make your life easier. They’re easier to clean, more affordable, and most importantly they simplify the installation and expansion processes. Whether you’re adding on to an existing cleanroom or you’re installing a completely new system, a modular cleanroom from Angstrom Technology can be set up in no time. The parts for an Angstrom Technology cleanroom...