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  • Commercial Audio Systems

    Commercial Audio Systems

    Your search ends here. We bring you professional sound and commercial audio systems from a top-notch company, stocked with the industry's best audio/visual (A/V) equipment. Whether you need professional commercial sound systems installed in stadiums or video conferencing capabilities at a remote office – APi Group can be your partner. We provide low-voltage systems integration that includes the latest in equipment and technologies for A/V...

  • Mass Notification Systems

    Mass Notification Systems

    Sophisticated mass notification systems (MNS) or emergency communication systems (ECS) combine fire, security and alerting in a complete solution. Even before the 2010 edition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 code that formalized ECS, APi Group designed and installed MNS at campuses and other public facilities. Our advanced systems have the capability of mass notification via desktops, digital...

  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

    Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

    Fire alarm and detection systems are the brains behind life safety support. From the most complex, intelligent systems for networked buildings to small, conventional fire alarm systems, turn to the experts at APi Group’s network of fire protection companies for world class solutions.

  • Industrial Silencers & Mufflers

    Industrial Silencers & Mufflers

    Many industrial settings and heavy equipment applications require custom-designed industrial silencers to help protect the environment, reduce noise levels and improve plant safety. Bringing decades of experience in the craft, APi Group offers fabrication of industrial silencers and mufflers in all shapes, sizes and metals, whether chamber or acoustical style.

  • Piping Systems

    Piping Systems

    From the most complex industrial applications to common plumbing, piping systems are essential to proper building function and safety. Through a diverse mix of mechanical contracting and specialty contractors, APi Group expertly handles all your piping-related requirements from initial system design and pipefitting prefabrication to piping maintenance and repair.

  • Security & Surveillance Systems

    Security & Surveillance Systems

    Government centers, private research campuses, schools, banks, retail stores and correctional facilities all benefit from the top performance of security and surveillance systems. APi Group provides complete life safety and property solutions including security systems integration for high-security buildings. Our security work includes design and installation of simple cameras to intrusion detection systems with touchscreen controls that open, close...