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    Serving our customers is something we take pride in and close collaboration is our culture and work ethic; we welcome challenges unique to each client and requirement. Customers rely on Arktis to install, support, and sustain systems in the field, provide training and consulting, as well as to provide radiation detection as a service to meet immediate needs.

  • Radiation Detection Services

    Radiation Detection Services

    Resource constraints or urgent needs can overwhelm organizational capabilities to mitigate rad/nuc threats. Arktis has the capacity to respond by providing radiation detection as a service that includes equipment (static and mobile), support, and technical expertise for mass event security, critical infrastructure protection and access screening.

  • Maintenance & Support Services

    Maintenance & Support Services

    Our collaborative and 24/7 on-call team of subject matter experts supports our customers and systems in the field. In addition to our standard solutions which typically include training, system adjustment and “burn-in” periods and on-call/on-line support, we also develop dedicated maintenance plans and project schedules in close collaboration with the customer. Sustaining our deployed systems is paramount to radiological and nuclear threat...