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  • Contract Laboratories Services

    Contract Laboratories Services

    Despite the very wide variety of materials and associated testing that are serviced by commercial testing laboratories there are many common requirements. These common requirements are however the basis of a specific requirement for each organization. These requirements are well addressed by the unique features offered by Matrix Gemini software and it's powerful, built-in, One Time configuration tools.

  • Implementation Services

    Implementation Services

    A LIMS is a complex but powerful software system that will impact on many areas of your organization. Introducing a new LIMS is usually high profile, subject to stringent budget limitations, critical implementation deadlines and attracts significant management scrutiny. At Autoscribe, we have over 15 years' experience of LIMS implementation. Our LIMS implementation program, backed by our ISO9001:2008 certified procedures, follows a formal methodology...

  • Autoscribe Report Design Services

    Autoscribe Report Design Services

    SAP's Crystal Reports is the global standard for high performance reporting and is an intuitive reporting tool kit that helps you rapidly create flexible, feature rich reports from any of the Autoscribe systems. Our support staff are trained on SAP's Crystal Reports writing software and therefore reports can be configured by us to run from within your Autoscribe system. Options are also available within Crystal Reports to post reports to web-sites,...

  • Support Services

    Support Services

    Once any Autoscribe Product has completed the implementation phase, our Technical Services Department will take over routine support for your project. This department can deliver a wide range of services, provided under a Software Enhancement and Maintenance (SEAM) agreement renewable each year.

  • Autoscribe Matrix LIMS Validation Services

    Autoscribe Matrix LIMS Validation Services

    Autoscribe can offer assistance when it comes to validating your system. Validation is not required for all systems but computer systems, software and instruments regulated by authorities such as the FDA require “validation”. Each company must decide how thorough their validation of LIMS needs to be. At Autoscribe we can offer you advice and help you determine if your system needs to be validated and what degree of validation is...