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  • Master Planning

    Master Planning

    Turning ideas and visions into a plan of action. The key to a successful project often depends on what happens in its earliest phase. Before any work commences, there is an idea, a vision. For decades we have taken many ideas and created plans of action to make the projects real. Throughout the project planning and development phase, we apply our worldwide engineering, procurement, and construction experience. From urban highways and new...

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    We've built some of the world's modern marvels. From our pioneering work on Hoover Dam in the 1930s to our work on some of today's modern marvels, Bechtel has taken on some extraordinary engineering feats. Some of the world's most iconic projects were delivered by Bechtel people, who do not shy away from a challenge. Innovation is at the core of what we do. On any given project in any location, our engineers encounter some of the most complex and...

  • Procurement Service

    Procurement Service

    Procurement and contract specialists providing end-to-end supply chain management. Bechtel’s supply chain organization provides our customers with global procurement and contracts services that are unsurpassed in the industry. With annual expenditures exceeding $18 billion, we support large, complex projects in remote locations of the world using suppliers from 120 countries. We have the right processes, automation tools, market data, volume,...

  • Construction Service

    Construction Service

    Bechtel has the resources and knowledge to undertake just about any job. With projects, people, and offices in more than 40 countries, Bechtel has unmatched reach and expertise. Construction regulations and labor laws around the world vary greatly—and we have worked successfully under some of the toughest—and we have a proven record of working smoothly with government agencies and labor organizations. Major construction projects are...

  • Startup & Operations

    Startup & Operations

    Startup, management and operations, and maintenance support. Bechtel offers startup programs, management and operations, and maintenance support roles for facilities all around the world. The organization is staffed with a multidisciplinary pool of talent, including experts in skill areas such as systems engineering, instrumentation and controls, rotating equipment, high-voltage electrical generation and transmission, water chemistry and wastewater...

  • Sustainability Solutions

  • Innovative Engineering and Design

    Innovative Engineering and Design

    Bechtel uses technology and data analytics to deliver the next generation of engineering and construction projects. This enables us to identify the best design alternatives and evaluate measures to enhance the life cycle associated with design elements. Alternative analysis can include measures to minimize carbon emissions, protect and conserve natural resources, protect human well-being, and promote resilience against climate changes. Bechtel has a...

  • Master Planning

    Master Planning

    Bechtel pioneered the design, planning, and delivery of national development strategies. From concept to implementation, Bechtel performs feasibility studies, engineering and design work, and management processes to execute comprehensive infrastructure projects and regional initiatives that build local and national economies and promote community development. Enhancing the technical capabilities of local professionals to build, operate, and manage...

  • Local Capacity Development

    Local Capacity Development

    Bechtel brings an optimize-and-maximize approach when beginning work in a particular country, tailoring the approach to local conditions and concerns. We identify clusters of existing capacities to support a new project, including skilled craft workers, vocational training institutions, food and hospitality, and local equipment and technology. We then conduct customized programs that maximize the participation of local workers and suppliers in...

  • Sustainable Procurement and Construction

    Sustainable Procurement and Construction

    We gear our construction techniques and global procurement processes to use recycled and local materials, reduce energy consumption, and mitigate greenhouse-gas emissions. To improve the sustainability and quality of our projects, we use building information modeling (BIM), a 3D imaging and data analytics tool to support decision-making on design and construction alternatives. We also operate a number of module yards across the globe for material...

  • Facilities Operation and Management

    Facilities Operation and Management

    Bechtel operates and maintains several major national facilities and government laboratories. This includes a range of management solutions for our government customers, including processes for energy efficiency, water conservation, sustainable procurement, and renewable energy use.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Issues can arise during a project that trigger immediate and long-term impacts on customers and communities, as well as affect the quality of project delivery. Bechtel implements three interrelated processes to promote the positive effects of a project during construction and operations:using risk assessment and management disciplines to identify issues, conducting stakeholder engagement, and making strategic social investments in the community.

  • Site Management

    Site Management

    In many parts of the world, Bechtel projects can attract significant numbers of workers, especially in areas where a project is a rare opportunity for employment. Our early planning and systematic approach to establishing the labor force helps to avoid the effects of unmanaged workforce influx, which can trigger conflict and other socioeconomic tensions locally or regionally. Bechtel’s workforce and camp management program is based on...

  • Performance Standards Alignment

    Performance Standards Alignment

    Concurrent with increasing regulatory requirements, there is a growing constellation of sustainability institutions shaping our customers' markets globally. Because our policies, processes, and practices are consistent with key international standards, we help our customers meet and exceed any specific performance requirements, including those of the International Finance Corporation, the Equator Principles, United Nations Guiding Principles on...

  • Safety Service

    Safety Service

    Our Goal: Zero Accidents: Safety is a value that is fundamental to our culture. Bechtel has earned an industry-leading record of achieving zero lost-time incidents on projects worldwide. Year after year, our zero accidents philosophy helps put our safety performance right at the top of the industry.

  • Technology Licensing & Consulting

    Technology Licensing & Consulting

    Continually developing information systems to improve our work. Technology drives our business—it speeds schedules, cuts costs, improves productivity, ensures quality, and delivers long-term value for our customers.  We are continually developing information systems to improve our work and licensing market-leading technologies.