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  • Digester Tanks

    Digester Tanks

    Our experienced technicians and constructors estimate the best digester tank solution regarding technique, substrates, gas utilisation, environment and finances.

  • Landfill Gas

  • Gas Collectors

    Gas Collectors

    The gas collector is the part of the system that draws the gas from the ground. Perforated tubes are installed in the landfill and are connected to the collecting/generating station using a specially developed system. Our gas collectors have a simple, robust and cost-effective design that enables fast installation in the landfill site.

  • Purging System

    Purging System

    Because moisture/water is constantly present in a gas collection system it is important to be able to maintain it. Our purging system keeps the suction piping free from the condensed water that might accumulate in the lines. This system helps to maintain the most important component of the landfill gas system and provides the basis for maximising gas yield.

  • Cooling Systems

    Cooling Systems

    Before gas can be piped from the gas plant in distribution piping it must first be dried, otherwise water could condense in the piping and cause operating problems. Moisture is removed from the gas by cooling it to a predetermined dew point. This allows maintenance requirements and ongoing operating costs to be reduced considerably.