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  • Digester Tanks

    Digester Tanks

    Our experienced technicians and constructors estimate the best digester tank solution regarding technique, substrates, gas utilisation, environment and finances.

  • Complete Systems for Landfill Gas

    Complete Systems for Landfill Gas

    BIOGAS SYSTEMS offers complete systems for collection and conversion of landfill gas. Biogas Systems AB has full control over the whole landfill gas process, from analysis and trial pumping, design and engineering, to manufacturing and installation of turnkey plants, including equipment for generating electricity and heat. Our involvement does not end with final delivery. We are on hand throughout the life of the plant to provide the ongoing service...

Products by ennox biogas technology GmbH

  • Digester Equipment

    Biogas production starts in the digester. High-quality equipment made of stainless steel is needed for the installation of the media supply and extraction, the mixer, the monitoring of the sludge, the gas extraction and the access opening. Ennox designs and supplies the equipment accordingly- project-specific and customized. The components are planned in 3D and produced from our inhouse-stainless steel manufacturer, respecting the highest quality standards.

  • ennox - Model IW - Inspection Window

    ennox - Model IW - Inspection Window

    It´s always better to check yourself. The easiest method to check the fermentation process in a digester is with a glance through our inspection window. Quality glass materials and manufacture, many years of experience and an extensive range of accessories guarantee meeting the strict inspection requirements in biogas technology.

  • ennox - Model PSD - Spraying Unit

    ennox - Model PSD - Spraying Unit

    Floating covers or sludge accumulations forming on the substrate surface in the digester can be combated with a pivoting stainless steel spraying unit PSD. Normally the spraying unit is welded into the gas dome or manhole cover, can be rotated 360° and can pivot within the space available. The water connection can be achieved with a STORZ or GEKA type coupling, alternatively with a standard threaded connection.

  • Purify

    Raw biogas is good, purified biogas is even better. Gas purification means that after different kind of cleaning procedures, the gas is prepared for an energetic or material use. Raw biogas is produced in biogas plants and contains different kind of gases as well as water and foam- or contamination particles. The same applies to sewage gas and landfill gas. Ennox supplies the required equipment for separation of the dust, foam particles and condensation water, such as gravel filter, ceramic

  • ennox carboNOX - Model ACF - Active Carbon Filter

    ennox carboNOX - Model ACF - Active Carbon Filter

    Biogas can contain large quantities of poisonous hydrogen sulphide depending upon the fermentation process and which input materials are used. This gas can cause permanent damage to gas engines or other consumers of the biogas.

  • ennox - Model CFP - Ceramic Fine Filter

    ennox - Model CFP - Ceramic Fine Filter

    Gas from bio or sewage processing systems are often contaminated with water vapour or very sparsely distributed small particulate matter, which, when used for example in CHP units can cause operating problems or either damage. For the fine cleaning of the gases before utilization an ennox ceramic fine filter is used.

  • ennox - Model COA - Condensate Accumulator

    ennox - Model COA - Condensate Accumulator

    Condensation from saturated biogas collects at the lowest points in the pipework, in bends etc. This can negatively influence the effective operation of biogas systems. ennox condensate accumulator is installed at the lowest point in the pipework. The condensate gathers in the container where it can be discharged through a manual tap and/or an automatic siphon. As an option ennox will supply a level indicator or an automatic discharger.

  • ennox - Model COP - Condensate Pot

    ennox - Model COP - Condensate Pot

    Bio or sewage gas is saturated with water vapour. Condensation can occur within the pipework systems of digester systems as a result of fluctuating temperatures. The ennox condensate pot allows for the collection and controlled discharge of any condensation water accumulations.

  • ennox - Model GFR - Gravel Filter

    ennox - Model GFR - Gravel Filter

    The gas removed from biogas digestion or fermentation units can be heavily contaminated with foam particles, various particulate matter and water vapour. A pre-filtration of the gas (often adequate enough) can be achieved with the use of an ennox gravel filter.

  • ennox - Model SET - Fine Sediment Trap and Foam Particles

    ennox - Model SET - Fine Sediment Trap and Foam Particles

    Fine sediment and foam particles in the saturated biogas originating directly from the digestion can make it´s way into the pipework system. In order to eliminate sediment accumulation in the pipework an ennox sediment trap can be used.

  • Store

    The gas production of biogas plant, sewage or landfill plant can be impacted by volume fluctuations. The same applies for the gas utilization. For compensation and optimization of these peaks the so-called gas storages are used. Depending on the construction and operating mode, a distinction is made between an integrated and external biogas storage respectively between a low,-middle and high pressure storage. Ennox offers two different kind of storage systems, the gas storage without

  • ennox - Model NOXstore - Low Pressure Gasholder

    ennox - Model NOXstore - Low Pressure Gasholder

    For temporary buffering due to fluctuations in gas production or inoperable production systems or consumers, a storage of the produced biogas is required. ennox has developed the NOXstore gas holding system for the zero pressure or fluctuating pressure storage of biogas from the digester.

  • ennox - Model RAV - Pressure Increase Blower for Digesters and Biogas Reactor

    ennox - Model RAV - Pressure Increase Blower for Digesters and Biogas Reactor

    We supply our customers with radial ventilators for the increase in system pressure in biogas operations, either as an individual unit or as a complete blower station with all internal pipework and instrumentation. The ventilators can be either directly driven or with equipped with a belt drive. They are suitable for ATEX zone 1. The flowrate can be infinitely adjusted by using an optional frequency inverter. The radial ventilators are suitable for...

  • Utilize

    On biogas, sludge or pyrolysis plants gas flares ensure, that during an operational disruption in the gas production, all the produced gas can be removed safely by combusting it. Due to the combustion process, the toxic and explosive gases are transformed into less harmful gases. Ennox offers gas flares for diverse application areas- from “standard” flares for bio- or sludge gas flares to the wood- or pyrolysis flares, landfill gas flares as well as combustion of non-flamm

  • ennox - Landfill Gas Cleaning and Safe Incineration

    ennox - Landfill Gas Cleaning and Safe Incineration

    Every year, millions of tons of household garbage and other refuse are deposited in landfills around the world. Bio-chemical decomposition processes of organic bonds in these landfills produce up to 150 - 250 m³ of landfill gases per tonne of household garbage. Due to a methane content of up to 60%, landfill gas ranks number six on the list of climate-disrupting methane producers worldwide, but it is also an important source of...