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  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Technical support for Boreal’s line of products is handled by the factory. Should you require on-site service, a visit can be arranged by either an employee of Boreal or one of our international agents.

  • Remote Service Contract

    Remote Service Contract

    Boreal Laser personnel is available to remotely monitor the performance of individual GasFinder units daily. If Boreal Laser is not able to login remotely via ethernet or LAN connection then a Remote Monitoring + Control Centre can be utilized for remote communication (Cellular + Radio) and intervention to many different components. The Remote Monitoring + Control Centre can collect and store data from many different inputs that include: the...

  • Check-Ups, Calibrations and Upgrades

    Check-Ups, Calibrations and Upgrades

    Has it been awhile since anyone has looked at your GasFinder’s? It isn’t a bad idea to get one of our factory trained technicians to give your system a check-up to make sure it is performing as best as it can. Our “recommended” service interval for our analyzers is every two years and the “recommended” calibration cycle is every 5 years. Are you hesitating to send your equipment back because you cannot operate...

  • Design and Consulting Services

    Design and Consulting Services

    Do you need some assistance with the design and integration of your installation? It doesn’t hurt to get advice from the experts. There are a couple tricks-of-the-trade that we’ll learnt over the years that ensure your equipment is installed, commissioned, operated, and maintained as best as possible.