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  • Met-IX™


    We apply our selective ion exchange to treat wastewater containing very low levels of dissolved metals that must be lowered further to meet stringent discharge limits. The Met-IX™ process uses resins to selectively target the metal, removing it from the wastewater and producing a concentrated regenerant stream. ChemSulphide® is often combined with Met-IX™ to treat the regenerant stream to recover the dissolved metals as a commercial...

  • Selenium

  • Selen-IX™


    We offer an ion exchange based technology combined with electrochemical reduction of selenate to selenium to remove selenium from wastewater. The technology reduces selenium concentrations down to as low as 1 ppb using resins placed in columns. Operating in carousel mode, the columns treat feed solution and regenerate resin to provide continuous treatment. A small volume of spent regenerant solution is directed to a selenium electrochemical reduction...

  • Selen-IX™ Mobile Pilot Plant

    Selen-IX™ Mobile Pilot Plant

    Our Selen-IX™ mobile pilot plant provides on-site field testing to demonstrates selenium removal from mine impacted waters to comply with discharge requirements and to provide the design criteria required for scale-up to a full-size plant.

  • Sulphate

    Sulphate is a common by-product from mining activities. Coal and most metals are recovered from ore bodies containing sulphur based minerals that oxidize to sulphate when exposed to air. Sulphate is easily mobilized in waste streams and is subject to discharge limits ranging from 250 to 1,000 mg/L depending on the receiving environment and jurisdiction. Our technologies selectively remove sulphate without producing liquid brine waste and recover > 95% of water.

  • Sulf-IX™ and Sulf-IXC™

    Sulf-IX™ and Sulf-IXC™

    Our ion exchange based technologies use resins to selectively remove sulphate and hardness from process waters to produce treated water compliant with sulphate discharge limits and a solid gypsum by-product.

  • Sulf-IX™ and Sulf-IXC™ Mobile Pilot Plant

    Sulf-IX™ and Sulf-IXC™ Mobile Pilot Plant

    We offer the capability to provide onsite field testing with a mobile pilot plant that demonstrates Sulf-IX™ and Sulf-IXC™ technologies to remove sulphate from wastewater to comply with discharge requirements.

  • Cyanide / Sart

  • SART


    We offer SART process technology to remove the metallurgical interference of cyanide-soluble metals in gold cyanidation.