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  • Preliminary Process Design Services

    Preliminary Process Design Services

    Brentwood combines two modeling methods to accommodate site-specific applications for AccuFAS system design. Our kinetic design models are based on extensive pilot studies and full-scale installations, and accurately predict treatment performance. Our commercial BioWin models are constructed based on IWA ASM models and incorporate a sophisticated biofilm module for IFAS. These models are also calibrated specifically for Brentwood’s submerged...

  • Pilot Testing Services

    Pilot Testing Services

    Our experienced engineers can develop pilot protocols, size the pilot equipment, and analyze performance data to help our clients optimize system design. Brentwood can supply either skid-mounted pilot units to your site, or we can send our mobile testing lab—equipped with advanced instrumentation and PLC control - to run full, sidestream pilot tests.

  • Startup & Operations Assistance Services

    Startup & Operations Assistance Services

    Brentwood’s systems and components are engineered not only for performance, but for ease of installation. With a dedicated team of site technicians who have assisted in over 500 installations, you can be assured that the system will run properly, and your employees will be educated and prepared to operate the system. Additionally, Brentwood’s process team is available for consultation throughout the lifetime of the AccuFAS system to...

  • Aftermarket Services

    Aftermarket Services

    Even the highest quality equipment has a predetermined lifespan. As your system ages, wear and tear due to heavy loadings and lack of regular maintenance will reduce efficiency and performance or, worse yet, cause system failure.

  • Polychem Solutions Programs

    With a mix of services ranging from tank evaluation, retrofit parts recommendations, and personnel training opportunities, Brentwood's Polychem Solutions programs seek to address the 'why' behind issues plants may be facing and takes the necessary measures to correct them. Our team helps ensure that plant staff is left with a system that will provide years of trouble-free service and are equipped with the knowledge to properly maintain, troubleshoot, and self-diagnose any issues that may arise

  • Polychem Solutions - Tank Evaluation Programs

    Polychem Solutions - Tank Evaluation Programs

    After years of service, aging sludge collectors inevitably experience catastrophic failure, which is expensive and time-consuming to repair. Instead of waiting for failure, Brentwood seeks to proactively evaluate these tanks to determine the remaining life of a plant's chain and flight system and related components. Too often, plants replace parts without fixing the root cause of an issue. With Brentwood's Polychem Solutions Tank Evaluation Program,...

  • Polychem Solutions - Retrofit Program

    Polychem Solutions - Retrofit Program

    Should replacement of worn or damaged parts be required, our retrofit program is designed to minimize installation costs by potentially retaining the tank's drive unit and existing structural items. Only necessary parts are replaced with Brentwood's Polychem Solutions Retrofit Program. When these components are correctly installed and maintained properly, plants can be assured years of trouble-free service.

  • Polychem Solutions - On-Site Training Services

    Polychem Solutions - On-Site Training Services

    Many facilities experience maintenance procedure changes as a result of staff turnover. Whether personnel lack knowledge of system history, are unfamiliar with Polychem equipment, or are missing documentation of O&M manuals, Brentwood's Polychem Solutions On-Site Training Program seeks to remedy this issue by offering a mix of classroom and in-tank training opportunities. Our services can supply training on any type of system, from metallic...