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  • Litigation Support and Peer Review

    Litigation Support and Peer Review

    Case Support, Document & Peer Review, Expert Witness Testimony and Expert Writing, Preparation of Affidavits or Depositions, Litigation Support, Expert Reports, and Opinions, Site Clean-Up Valuations for Tax Certiorari, Dispute Resolution.

  • Air Quality Services

    Air Quality Services

    CA RICH offers air quality testing, monitoring, and management in accordance with the latest regulations and protocols.  CA RICH has its clients’ needs and objectives foremost throughout all phases of the valued client assignment, whether performing indoor air quality surveys, soil vapor intrusion studies, sub-slab depressurizations system (SSDS) design, construction and/or ongoing operations & maintenance, mold investigations, asbestos...

  • Brownfield Redevelopment & Certification

    Brownfield Redevelopment & Certification

    The Firm is routinely involved in ‘brownfield’ redevelopment for development teams and has recently received several awards for efficiencies and sustainability on complex affordable-housing project improvements within the five Boroughs of New York City. CA RICH is oftentimes called-upon by established and well-recognized development teams on a repetitive basis for its competence, experience, and reliability. The Firm works with vetted...

  • Construction Oversight and Support

    Construction Oversight and Support

    Health & Safety Plan Preparation & Implementation, Dust and Air Monitoring, Excavation Oversight, Waste Characterization & Disposal Facility Approval, Turnkey Waste Transportation and Manifested Disposal, Underground Storage Tank Testing and Removal, Community Participation Plan, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan (for LEED), Dewatering Permit Support, Clean Fill Testing and Installation Oversight

  • NYC `E` Designation, VCP, and CEQR

    NYC `E` Designation, VCP, and CEQR

    Phase I ESA & Project Description and Cost Estimating, Pre-Application Meetings, Phase II Work Plans (Short Form) and Investigation Health & Safety Plans, Remedial Investigations and Reporting, Remedial Action Work Plans and Construction Health & Safety Plans, Remedial Action Report for 'Notice of Satisfaction', Vapor Barrier Design and Oversight, Sub-Slab Depressurization System (SSDS) Design, Soil Excavation Oversight, Dust and Vapor...

  • Groundwater Resource Management

    Groundwater Resource Management

    CA RICH provides the full spectrum of groundwater services. The Firm routinely conceptualizes, designs, and implements groundwater contamination remedial cleanup systems. Technical approaches may include pump-and-treat systems, air sparging systems, groundwater/soil vapor extraction systems, in-situ Chemical Oxidation or monitored natural attenuation. CA RICH offers its clients services to minimize lines of communication and optimize...

  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

    Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

    Phase I ASTM E1527-13 / All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Environmental Site Assessments, Non-scope items such as radon, asbestos, and leadVapor Encroachment Screening ASTM E 2600-10, Report Certification for Third-Party Reliance (Reliance Letters), Phase II Investigation scope, cost, and implementation, Real Property Transactional Support.