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  • Trading & Recycling Software

    Take control of your trading or recycling business with solutions that provide the productivity gains, visibility, and insight you need to drive business success.

  • cieTrade - Commodity Brokerage Software

    cieTrade - Commodity Brokerage Software

    Whether its paper, plastics, or metals, commodity brokerage has never been easy, especially with the volatility and demands of today’s markets. cieTrade helps with a comprehensive solution that can streamline your back-office for greater productivity, improve customer service, and provide greater oversight and control over your operation. It’s everything you need to build a more profitable and effective trading business.

  • cieTrade - Recycling Plant Software

    cieTrade - Recycling Plant Software

    Your scale is the driving force of your recycling operation, providing the information that’s vital to your billing cycle. But without integration with your business systems, it can also lead to accountability problems and bottlenecks that can affect your bottom line. cieTrade’s recycling software eliminates the workarounds and double-entry that can otherwise affect productivity while helping to improve control over your operation.

  • cieTrade - Software for International Trading

    cieTrade - Software for International Trading

    For companies that export paper stock or recycled commodities overseas, cieTrade provides tools that deliver the capabilities you need to manage and control your business. It features e-commerce integration with ocean carriers, automated documentation, and logistics workflow tools that make your back office more productive. It offers advanced credit features that minimize trading risk and specialized reports that track order profitability & sales...

  • cieTrade - Software for Paper Merchants & Converting

    cieTrade - Software for Paper Merchants & Converting

    cieTrade’s paper merchant and converting software is packed with everything you need to help make your business more effective. It provides an integrated environment that’s specifically adapted for paper stock rolls, sheets and related products. It helps increase inventory & cost controls and provides organizational features to improve productivity and customer service. All without the risks and limitations of custom software or...

  • cieTrade - Pulp & Paper Trading Software

    cieTrade - Pulp & Paper Trading Software

    cieTrade is one of the only solutions specifically adapted for companies that trade pulp, paper, lumber and other commodities in the forest products industry. It provides a seamless solution that can help you increase productivity and maximize trading margins while minimizing risk. Its unique trading centric approach is intuitive and easy to use with organizational features that help save time and improve customer service. It’s everything you...

  • cieTrade - Plastic Recycling Software

    cieTrade - Plastic Recycling Software

    Nothing is more critical to plastics recyclers than controlling inventory costs and tracking material quality, especially in today’s markets. cieTrade's end-to-end solution accurately tracks “landed” inventory value, production costs, and sources of material for quality assurance. It also provides the specialized reports you need to evaluate the performance of supply chain partners and sales reps. It’s everything you need to...

  • cieTrade - Inventory Management Software

    cieTrade - Inventory Management Software

    cieTrade’s inventory management and material processing solution provides the capabilities you need to get control of your paper stock, recovered fiber, or scrap plastics inventory. It increases visibility and provides traceability of material for improved accountability, offers landed cost valuations, tracks rep contribution, production costs, yield, and more, all while helping to maximize the productivity of your warehouse.

  • cieTrade - Waste Brokerage Software

    cieTrade - Waste Brokerage Software

    Effectively leveraging information technology has always been critical to success in the waste brokerage business, especially with the data volumes, service demands, and unique reporting requirements of national accounts customers. cieTrade helps to meet this challenge with a comprehensive solution that supports every aspect of your operation from service and equipment tracking to dispatching, customer billing, and easy reconciliation of hauler...