CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, Inc. (CLC Air)

CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, Inc. (CLC Air)

CLARCOR Air Filtration Products is a leading manufacturer of HVAC filtration products for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Offering the broadest line of filtration products in the industry, CLARCOR Air’s products can be found improving the quality of air around the world. While HVAC is the majority of our business, we also service niche markets such as agriculture, where we filter swine barns from deadly viruses, power generation, where we supply filters for gas turbines, and paint spray booths, where our products ensure consistent airflow in industrial painting processes. CLARCOR Air sells its products through a variety of channels under the brand names Airguard®, ATI and Purolator™.

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100 River Ridge Circle , Jeffersonville , Indiana 47130 USA


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Air Filtration
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, Inc. (CLC Air) was founded in   1964 and manufactures HVAC filtration products under the   Purolator brand name. Since its founding, the Purolator brand of  air filtration products has provided its customers with high   quality  products and the best brand name recognition in the   HVAC  industry. Purolator products can be found everywhere, in  retail  outlets, commercial buildings, office complexes,   industrial  plants,  healthcare facilities, schools, universities, and   public and  government buildings.

The Purolator difference is clear. Through strong customer partnerships, an investment in our employees and continuous operational improvement, Purolator will maintain and strengthen its reputation for being a value added supplier in the HVAC industry. As you tour the Purolator website, you will find it user friendly, with a great deal of information about our Company, Sales Team, Products and Distribution Network.

CLARCOR is comprised of a number of companies that are divided into three segments; Engine/Mobile, Industrial/Environmental and Consumer Packaging. Each segment focuses on specific markets and applications unique to their products and service offerings. From simple filtration products to complex, highly engineered systems, our companies manufacture and supply products to protect the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. CLARCOR has operations and sales offices on every major continent in the world and our employees are at work every day to ensure our products are in use to protect people and the world they live in. We are passionate about what we do and we do things right. To support these efforts and to continually improve our technology, the CLARCOR Filtration Research Center (CFRC) in Cincinnati, Ohio focuses on providing technical expertise and leading edge technology for filtration applications. While each operating company houses its own research and development center, the CFRC furthers the efforts by focusing on media development for next generation products. Our goal is to provide products of the highest quality that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations now and into the future. Our Engine/Mobile companies are focused on delivering quality product to equipment and vehicles that require the use of an engine. Engine life is extended by filtering contaminants from the air and liquid that move through it and at the same time prevents the contaminants from further damaging the environment. The Industrial/Environmental companies focus on situations where air or liquid needs to be cleaned to protect individuals, animals, a process, a product or the environment. While some companies within this segment focus on air filtration, others focus primarily on liquid process. This allows us to offer broad coverage to numerous markets without sacrificing the technical expertise required to design solutions for specific applications. Consumer Packaging focuses on delivering high-quality containers and closures to protect what they hold. Whether it is for food & beverage, make-up, first aid supplies, or something like a watch, these containers are safe and intricately designed to complement the product they hold. We have the ability to provide these containers in metal, plastic, or a metal and plastic combination. In many cases, once the product is consumed the container is kept as a collector’s item.

1964     Airguard Industries, Inc. was founded in Louisville, Kentucky with two employees as a distributor of air filtration aftermarket products.
1968     Airguard began manufacturing its own line of air filter products.
1990     Airguard opened its 44,500 square feet manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas.
1993     CLARCOR acquired Airguard allowing the company to take advantage of business generated by the passage of the EPA Clean Air Act.
1995     Three separate facilities in Corona, California consolidated into one manufacturing and distribution facility – an 84,000 square foot facility also in Corona, California.
1998     CLARCOR acquired Air Technologies, Inc. (ATI) of Ottawa, Kansas, a producer of air filtration products for painting applications.
1999     CLARCOR paid Mark IV Industries, Inc. for Purolator Products Air Filtration Company, a producer of a wide variety of air filters used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
2000     A 290,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility opened in Campbellsville, Kentucky.
2004     CLARCOR created a new business, CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, and folded Airguard, Purolator and ATI under this new business.
2008     CLARCOR Air Filtration Products consolidated its New Albany, Indiana and Jeffersontown, Kentucky facilities into one manufacturing, distribution and office facility – a new 610,000 square foot facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
2010     The Corona, California facility expanded by an additional 46,000 square feet to increase its production and distribution capabilities.
2010     CLARCOR Air Filtration Products acquired a 50,000 square foot facility across the street from their Corona, California facility to increase its production and distribution capabilities—bringing the Corona, California facility to a total of 180,000 square feet.
2012     The Dallas, Texas facility expanded by an additional 45,000 square feet to increase its production and distribution capabilities.