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  • Professional Service

    Professional Service

    At CRI, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers. Our business strategy is dedicated to customer satisfaction and retention. We are proud of the services we offer and that we continue to serve accounts that we have had since the start of business in 1977.

  • Environmental Assurances

    Environmental Assurances

    Our facilities, equipped to safeguard our people and the environment, have received approvals to process residues and wastes containing precious metals. Processing ovens and melting furnaces are interfaced with after-burners, cooling towers, dust collectors, and baghouses. You may be confident that all materials will be treated at Colt Refining, Inc. in an efficient, economical and environmentally safe manner.

  • Industries Served

    Industries Served

    For years Colt has been successfully working with OEM’s from a number of different industries. Long before there were landfill bans and laws designed to keep electronic material out of the countries landfills and incinerators, Colt was responsibly recycling this material for our customers. Regardless of the industry, we pledge to assist any company in an effort to provide a cost effective and responsible electronic recycling solution.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Our customer service is customer centric. We know all of our customers are not the same and that many have special requirements, that’s why with every customer we work together to generate a customer specific Recycling Program. By doing so any and all of your company requirements for a recycling program can be met, and documented. You know exactly what’s happening, every step of the way.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    With Colt, you can leave the Recycling to the Recycling Experts. Our E-waste technicians are trained to assess not just real-time values of your excess assets but compositions and breakdowns as well. With this information available at your fingertips, one can know exactly what you have, what happens to it, and where it goes.