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  • ReTA - Industry 4.0. Software

    ReTA - Industry 4.0. Software

    ReTA helps to gather a growing bunch of log files with RTM data, extract concentration data from the spectrometric data, discover the RTM segments and their textual descriptions, align the beginnings, synchronize the proceedings, filter out noise, combine selected subsets for averaging, estimate asymptotic behavior, convert the resulting curve into a viable approximation of a probability distribution, display the result, and derive further statistics...

  • SpecViewer - Industry 4.0. Software

    SpecViewer - Industry 4.0. Software

    SpecViewer is a tool designed to display and navigate the sequences of spectra in an intuitive way, presenting both overview and details graphically and assisting analysis by offering common transformations that emphasize relations between spectra. The human-visible color associated with each spectrum is directly visualized by presenting the spectral curve itself in that color.

  • CloudVis - Industry 4.0. Software

    CloudVis - Industry 4.0. Software

    EquiColorRTM can condense the measured spectra to coordinate triples relevant to human vision, typically L*/a*/b*. Each such triple can be thought of as representing a point in a 3D color space. Given a sequence of such measurements, one obtains a point cloud in that color space. Suppose that another point cloud has been obtained in an earlier sequence of measurements. It would be interesting to quantify how close the two point clouds are in a...