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  • Tube & Vial Labels

    Tube & Vial Labels

    Provide clear and secure sample identification for all labware stored in extreme temperatures with our Tube and Vial Labels. Whether it’s exposure to harsh chemicals, submersion in liquid nitrogen or a -80 degrees Celsius deep freeze, Computype tube and vial labels can withstand the extremes and remain dependably affixed and legible.Equally compatible with plastic or glass tubes and vials, these labels are trusted in labs...

  • RFID Labels for Diagnostic Labs

    RFID Labels for Diagnostic Labs

    RFID labeling solutions to help your lab stay ahead of the game—in both efficiency and technology. Developing diagnostic analytical equipment and consumables that are smarter, faster, and ahead of the competition takes continual innovation, and is becoming the expectation. On top of that, you’re working with the pressures of ever-tighter platform launch timescales, compliance requirements, budget constraints, and...

  • Histology Slide Labels

    Histology Slide Labels

    Guarantee proper chain of custody through chemical process and automated staining with Histology Slide Labels Chemical and stain-resistant slide labels will help to achieve fast and accurate test diagnoses by promoting functionality in automated histology slide staining.

  • Microwell Plate Labels

    Microwell Plate Labels

    Barcode labels customized to fit any microplate size or surface to assist in your discovery process. rom -80°C to an autoclave, Computype Microwell Plate Labels can easily withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles and the environmental extremes of chemicals and storage. Designed to accommodate standard SBS plates, Computype Microwell Plate Labels can also be customized to fit non-standard plate formats. Combined with our Automated Plate Labeling...