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  • Chroma - Model S - Sulfur Compounds Analysis System

    Chroma - Model S - Sulfur Compounds Analysis System

    Sulfur compounds analysis: H2S / COS / CS2 / SO2 / RSH by chromaS. Automated online analysis & monitoring of Sulfur Compounds: H2S / COS / CS2 / SO2 / RSH. Chroma S is a fully automatic isothermal gas Chromatograph for the analysis & monitoring of sulfur compounds.

  • CAS - Turn-Key Systems

    CAS - Turn-Key Systems

    CAS can be your single point of purchase for a fully integrated system. CAS is an authorized, value-added reseller for most major brands of environmental measurement equipment. As experienced integrators of all ranges of air quality monitoring instrumentation and support equipment, CAS provides a truly turn-key solution for ambient air quality monitoring. Simply select your preferred instrumentation, support equipment, shelter type, shelter size and...