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CTP Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control GmbH Services

  • Pilot Units Services

    Pilot Units Services

    From a pilot unit to a full scale plant: Pilot tests are essential to establish and optimize process and design parameters for air pollution control systems. Pilot studies may also be necessary to fulfill local regulatory requirements. CTP offers different kind of pilot units for a large variety of contaminants allowing a flexible adaptation to your specific needs. With its pilot units and specialized staff, CTP is in a unique position to help...

  • Service Hotline and Remote Support Services

    Service Hotline and Remote Support Services

    You can reach your CTP contact for problems or technical questions any time. Coupled with remote system monitoring and control, CTP offers various 'helpline' models. It is not even always necessary to be on site: many urgent inquiries can be identified and solved by our technical experts via remote-support.

  • Preventive Maintenance Services

    Preventive Maintenance Services

    The most efficient way to protect your system from unexpected equipment downtime is by regular preventive maintenance services. CTP offers maintenance contracts in accordance with your specific application and operational needs ensuring you to be on the safe side. Our service experts are at your disposal worldwide.

  • Retrofitting and Upgrading Services

    Retrofitting and Upgrading Services

    Many of CTP’s systems installed at the early beginning partially more than 30 years ago, are still in operation. Modernization and retrofitting may be necessary to ensure optimum efficiency and productivity. CTP supports to bring your system back to the state of the art based on initial analyses and feasibility studies. From upgrades to refurbishments, CTP will help you to optimize your...

  • Spare Parts Services

    Spare Parts Services

    System downtimes exert a huge burden on continuous production. It is therefore imperative for spare parts to be available within the shortest time possible. Your CTP system consists of different components which need to be replaced from time to time despite highest quality. For this we can provide different spare parts packages from minimum to premium range. CTP's spare parts management further offers in-house stock for wear- and spare parts.

  • Repairs Services

    Repairs Services

    Even a first-class maintained system might have a shutdown break or other error. On site visits for inspection and/or repair works are organized in due course to help you with any technical problems you may have.