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  • Project Kick-off Support

    Project Kick-off Support

    Carry out your work at 100% in accordance with your the tender you won. Our team can configure CTSpec Truck and Analyst versions for a perfect execution and error-free. We act as your IT project manager by configuring GIS maps, video headers, multimedia extensions and nomenclature, report templates, deliverability management, etc. All the elements required by the technical specifications will be managed.

  • Customized Development

    Customized Development

    Monetize and optimize operations by entrusting us with the computerization process of your working methods. Success is often due to effective working methods and document management. We are able to change your CTSpec application and create easy accessible custom features, and this for each of your tasks. Custom application development in conjunction with your other services allows you to automate your complex operations, and therefore accelerate and...

  • Assistance with Bidding

    Assistance with Bidding

    Ask for a detailed analysis of the IT component before bidding. The technical specifications of CCTV inspection you have been given are complex and difficult to assess. We can advise you and help you bid in all markets without fear of financial failure. We proceed with a specific analysis of the estimate to make it easier to read and understand.

  • CCTV Inspection Data Conversion

    CCTV Inspection Data Conversion

    We collect, unify and save your past – A great way to secure your future. Convert your historical sewer inspection data WRc 3, WRc 4, NASSCO, in-house formats, regardless of the databases. Our innovative technology handles also all video and photo aspects.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    Once CTSpec is installed, the customer is linked to a support and maintenance annual contract. CTSpec Support provides assistance to its customers via phone or email, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm (EST). Each request for assistance submitted to CTSpec support department is treated as a priority. The support staff is trained to quickly identify the problem and the degree of urgency, and determine the response time.