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  • Contractors Solutions

  • Truck– Basic

    Truck– Basic

    This license is a key aspect for any camera operator (CCTV, Zoom Camera, 3D / Panoramo(1), CUES DUC HD). It allows you to create or to choose a sewer pipe, manholes, laterals and to produce videos in several kinds of formats and resolutions.

  • Truck Analysis

    Truck Analysis

    While having the basic camera features, the camera operator may also perform the analysis for sewer pipes, manholes and laterals, and integrate the required observations based on the standard chosen.

  • Truck – Complete

    Truck – Complete

    This is our most complete license. It allows you to select, to create sewer pipes and manholes, and to work according to your customers' standard. Also, It allows you to generate comprehensive reports (standard and customized), and to analyze the inspection reports.

  • Office – Basic

    Office – Basic

    This license is perfect for quickly and efficiently produce the analysis of video inspections. Also very useful for quality control.

  • Office – Complete

    Office – Complete

    This license allows you to analyze the results of your inspections and to generate comprehensive reports. It allows you to chose from several standard report templates, and to create your own custom report templates (Standard, Multisections or Multimedias). A must for inspections quality control.

  • Consultants and Engineering Firms

    Consultants and Engineering Firms

    Sewer networks analysis has never been easier to do: Multiple Queries; Quick Analysis; Integrated Video Viewing; GIS Integration (ArcGIS, JMap). Quickly share the relevant information with your colleagues and customers. Integrate other documents or files to these reports.

  • Municipalities Solutions

    Municipalities Solutions

    Keep and view all your recorded video inspections regardless of the norm used (WRc, PACP, MACP or others). Examine your operational or structural inspection data. Develop your action plan: Determine a course of action; Schedule the time of the intervention; Allocate a budget. View the intervention plan, the repairs, and the maintenance on your city's map. Share your results with you engineer, contractor or public works department. Monitor your...