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  • CWG Soft NO R

    CWG Soft NO R

    The CWG<sup>®</sup> SOFT NO R granulate is located inside a pressure vessel which is running in a counter current mode. The up flowing water causes the formation of a floating bed. The granulate particles touch each other. This mechanical stress supports the detach process of the calcite crystals from the surface of the catalyst. The height of the pressure vessel is chosen depending on the maximum flow rate of the unit, to provide enough...

  • Filtersorb FMH

    Filtersorb FMH

    FILTERSORB® FMH is a new filter media for removing dissolved iron, mangenese and hydrogen sulfide from drinking water and process water and was developed as an alternative to manganese greensand. FILTERSORB® FMH is a dolomite-based granulated filter media which is coated with manganese dioxide. The excellent properties of the material for removing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide are due to the oxidative coating....

  • Full Automatical Plant Type S With SIATA-Valve

    Full Automatical Plant Type S With SIATA-Valve

    Full automatical time-controlled plant, for removal of iron and mangenese, according to decree for drinking water. Full automatical 5-level central controll valve SIATA type V132F, V250F or V360F of ABS Plastic, with electronic controller; back-flush intervals and –times can be programmed freely. Pressure vessel of corrosion-resistant GFK. Filtermaterial consisting of quartz-gravel supporting material, birm and hydroanthracite N.

  • Drinking Water Treatment

    Drinking Water Treatment

    AquaDos - products are according to the actual Drinking Water Guidelines and are used for the stabilization of water hardness, for the prevention of corrosion and for the disinfection of drinking water. Use Range: Hardness stabilization, Corrosion Prevention.

  • AMBERLITE<sup></sup> IRC86


    AMBERLITE IRC86 is a high capacity weak acid cation exchange resin containing carboxylic acid groups. It is characterised by an outstanding physical and chemical stability. Its principal application is the dealkalisation of industrial waters. AMBERLITE IRC86, in the hydrogen cycle, removes hardness associated with alkalinity. Combined with a strong acid cation exchanger, it allows to reduce acid consumption in deionisation. Due to its high swelling...

  • Polyglass Pressure Vessels Ф 05`-13` & Distribution System

    Polyglass Pressure Vessels Ф 05`-13` & Distribution System

    Material: Combination of a blow molded polyethylene inner tank with a glassfiber reinforced epoxy wound outer shell. Vessels connection: 2 1/2'-8' NPSM top hole threading. Working pressure: min. 0 bar, max. 10 bar. Working temperature: min. +1°C, max. +50°C. Minimum fatique testing: Min. 250.000 cycles between 0 - 10 bar. Colour: Duralam Blue tank, black base, ask for other colours.

  • Composite `Super` Pressure Vessels

    Composite `Super` Pressure Vessels

    The made measure pressure tanks by Structural are the optimum solution for the processing, storage and transportation of liquids. Due to the high quality of the materials used, the tanks are in a class of their own. The pressure vessels are robust, rust-proof and extremely tough. Our tanks are easy to handle and are manufactured to compliance with high industrial standards. These clean, seamless tanks offer the highest protection against contamination in...

  • SIATA-Valves


    SIATA Valves are designed for use in water treatment and offer a variety of potential applications. The are qualified to be used for abuilding or swimming pool, as well as for industrial domain, for softening, filtering or desalinating of water. The valves correspond to the german and international guide lines for drinking water. They are made of a special material that doesn't corrode in almost all types of water or chemicals.

  • Membrane Housings

    Membrane Housings

    The retaining ring removes easily with the CodeLine key or with just a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Replacing the retaining ring is easy too, since it snaps back into place with just finger pressure. CodeLine's exclusive Quick Lock system means you'll access membranes in seconds and- because time is money - enjoy big savings as well. Each A- and E-Series membrane housing will accommodate all standard membrane elements to give you unparalleled design...

  • Reverse Osmosis Plants

    Reverse Osmosis Plants

    Reverse Osmosis: The enviromentally friendly Technology for desalination of tapwater, processwater, wellwater, brackish-water and seawater. Advantages: Compared to conventional methods of pure water production RO shows major advantages: No chemicals for regeneration. No neutralisation of waste water. Low space requirement. Low operating cost. Low demand for maintenance. Simple operation.