Delta OHM - member of the GHM GROUP

Delta OHM - member of the GHM GROUP

Delta Ohm develops and manufactures instruments for measuring: Temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, BAR, mBar, Pascal, mmH2O, InchHG, psi, air speed, light, Phot, UVA, UVB, UVC, UVindex, Solar Radiation, PAR, Acoustic, Sound meter, Vibration, Noise, CO, CO2, Air Quality, pH, ORP, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Data loggers, WBGT microclimate, PPV, PMV, Heat stress, Outdoor environmental, Rain, Level, Soil temperature, Water activity, Wind direction, Wind speed, Pyranometers, Pirhelyometer, Pirgeometer, Water analysis, Barometer, Snow, Weather Station, Albedo, Sunshine duration, Solar sensor, Rain Gauge, Soil Humidity, Leaf wetness, Lux, Weather station, Datalogger, Duct Flow, Photovoltaic, Wind power, Meteorology, Light Source LED Spectroradiometer, Since end of 2015, DeltaOHM joined the group GHM-Messtechnik. The GHM group born from the merger of several companies, mainly based in Germany, operating in the production of measurement devices and process instruments.

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Via GMarconi, 5 , Caselle di Selvazzano , Padua 35030 Italy
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Industry Type:
Meteorological Monitoring
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:



Consultants / Environment / Monitoring / Safety & Industrial Hygiene / Occupational Medicine

Vibration meters and frequency analyzers for human vibrations ISO8041, ISO 5349-1, ISO 2631-1/2/4, IEC61260

HD2030, HD2070

Vibration meters and frequency analyzers for building vibrations transmitted to humans according to ISO2631

HD2030, HD2070, HDP356B18, HD2030AC5

Measurement of               vibrations transmitted to whole body also through seats and backs.


Multi-frequency and multi-level vibration calibrator (used by any brands)


Micro-climate in workplace in moderate, severe cold and severe hot areas ISO7726, ISO7730, ISO7243, ISO7933, ISO11079, ISO8996

HD 32.1

Index of satisfaction, Heat Stress, Comfort, WBGT, PPD, PPV ISO 7730. Moderate Areas Heat Stress Analysis (in Hospitals, Cruise Ships, Schools, Mall, ..)

HD32.1, HD32.2, HD32.3

Evaluation of IAQ (CO2) as reference ASHRAE 62.1-2004 Internal Air Quality

portable HD37AB1347; HD21AB17

or wall mounted HD45/46; or wireless HD35;

Acoustics IEC61672, IEC61260, IEC61094-4

HD2010UC; HD2010UCA; HD2110L

Building Acoustics according to ISO140 and ISO717, Dodecahedron, Power Amplifier, Tapping Machine to evaluate sound insulation, building quality, noise reduction, acoustic insulation etc

HD2040, HD2050.20, HD2050, HD2050.30,

NS3 software package

Analysis of the noise and vibrations exposure in the workplace in compliance with directives 2003-10-CE and 2002-44-CE, and ISO 9612 normative

HD2010UC; HD2010UCA; HD2110L

NS1 software package

Noise Monitoring according to 2002/49/CE, Analysis of acoustic pollution and environmental noise sources.

HDWME environmental microphone

NS5, NS4  and NS2A software packages

FFT acoustic analysis

HD2110L (with option HD2110.O6)

Advanced Environmental Noise by large spectrum analysis and wide range and simultaneous analysis of several parameters


Light, UV radiation or IR blue protection from non-ionizing (welding, furnaces, foundries, coating materials, stabilization of metals, casting) with single sensor

LP471 series

Optical Radiation Non Coherent , R.O.A., European Directive 2006/25/CE (only in Europe)


Monitors PC light radiations and reflection by white surfaces


Indoor measurement of Illuminance, Irradiance, Luminance


VEHICLES Noise emission

HD2010UC, HD2010MCTC


Alternative Energy , Photovoltaic, Wind Generator

Photovoltaic Panel efficiency control to be connected to any Inverter or Solar efficiency datalogger

LPPyra03, middle size, LPPyra02 medium size, LPPyra10 for high level panels

Private Home Photovoltaic Panel efficiency control

LP Silicon Pyra

Solar panel temperature sensor and transmitter (analog or MODBUS), for highest performance at max 60°C

HD 4807TFPxx

Solar Panel Temperature sensor

TP 878.1SS.O

Profiles of 'productivity' of central areas for solar/wind by portable meters

using sensor series LP471Pyra xx.x

Solar Tracker photovoltaic productivity performance measurement


Low Cost/Manual “solar tracker”

LP PYRA 13 including ring

Solar tracker safety against high speed wind


Air temperature


Sunshine Duration meter Eliophanometer



Weather Station / Meteorology / Geology / Hydrology / Weather Forecast

Weather station, Weather Forecast centers

Ports, Airports, Highways, Touristic Centers, Sky Centers, Racing Circuits, Climatology, University and Research centers by WMO rules

Multisensory HD52.3D147 + datalogger HD32MT + sensors



Hydro Geologic Risk, Civil defense


rain gauge HD2013 and datalogger HD2013DB

Ozone Control, UV Risk


Crane and bridge safety



Weather Control for mountain sports facilities (in Mounting Sky regions)

Multisensor HD2003 or HD52.3D,  R version


HVAC - Air Conditioning - Building Intelligence

Air conditioning , Heating , Air filtration, Ventilation,
Calculation of outdoor air exchange, Evaluating the frequency of renewal of air, Airflow Duct control, Actuators (Ventilation Rate), Calculation of the percentages of outside air admission (% Outside Air), Freezing chamber, Refrigeration, Supervision of climate in electrical cupboard

air speed by HD 2903T,

air speed by Pitot Tube

RH/°C by HD 4907T, HD4807, HD2717,

wireless HD35


Air Sterilization by UVC lamps


Differential pressure smoking rooms

Industrial  HD408, HD4V8T or portables or wireless HD35

Air Filter quality performance evaluation

Industrial  HD408, HD402T, HD4V8T or portables

Evaluation of IAQ (CO2) as reference ASHRAE 62.1-2004 and BMI in public centers for air exchange: Museums, Gym, Auditorium, Cinema, Sick building analysis, Sick Building Syndrome

portable HD37AB1347; HD21AB17

or wall mounted HD45/46

wireless HD35

Energy performance of buildings (Timing of the insulating capacity, European Standard 2002/91/EC)


Lighting Control of emergency exits, Automatic Window regulation


Air Compressed ( Dew Point)


Outdoor Air Monitoring


Absolute Humidity used to control a dehumidifier. (British Standard BS 1339)

HD 3817Txxx


Museum / Mall / Public Places / 

Continuous monitoring of climate in museum rooms for item conservations

wall mounted HD45/46

wireless HD35xx

Museum Object Damage (CIE 157) for paper and wood safety

LP 471 P-A



Medical Use / Aesthetic Centers / Pharmaceutical / Chemical Laboratory / Hospitals

Tanning in Aesthetic Centers

LP 471 A-UVeff

measure the radiation effective for damages caused by blue light (curve B (lambda) according to the standards ACGIH / ICNIRP) in the spectral range from 380nm to 550nm.Bilirubins for neonatal incubators

LP471Blu/Bilirubin probe  + meter HD2114.0

Timing Light to ward off eye problems


Differential pressure in pharmaceutical “clean” rooms

industrial HD408, HD402T, HD4V8T or portables HD2114.0

Differential pressure in operating rooms, pharma clean rooms, etc

industrial HD408, HD402T,HD4V8T or portables HD2114.0

Differential pressure in laminar flow hood for filter efficiency analysis

process HD408, HD402T, HD4V8T or portables HD2114.0

Classification of flow hood by Air Speed measurement

HD 2103.2 +  hot wire sensor

Temperature & Humidity Datalogger for rooms, refrigerated transport of pharmaceutical goods, organs, blood

HD35xx DataLogger Wireless series,

Psoriasis light treatment by UVB lamps


Chemical-physical laboratory, water analysis

pH, ORP, Turbidity, Oxygen, TDS, Conductivity ...

Water and Air Sterilization by UV lamps


Temperatures of stove, incubators,

wall mounted HD2817, HD2717

Refrigerator/oven certification by multipoint temperature analysis


Diaphanoscop, X Ray plates reader


Hospital Internal Heat Stress and Air Quality

wireless HD35


Water Analysis

Primary Water Treatment

pH, ORP, uS, TDS, O2, Turbidity

Water Purification, Water softening

low conductivity uS /MΩ/ resistivity and turbidity)

Secondary Water Treatment, O2

HD 2109.2

Cooling Towers, automatic chemical control or water change by a conductivity meters

DO 9766 T-R1

Pools, pH for acid and ORP measuring to dose Chlorine

DO 9765 T

Chemicals laboratories general use

pH, ORP, uS, TDS, O2, Turbidity

Galvanic, strong pH/ORP analysis

DO 9785 T ,

Water Analysis in the field, rivers, lake,…

HD 98569

Agriculture / Agrometeorology / Poultry / Fish Farming

Soil temperature

TP 32MT.1P.I

Multi Point Soil temperature +5 cm, 0, -5 cm,

-10 cm, -20 cm, -50 cm, -1 m

TP 32MTT.03

Soil & Air temperature

TP 32MTT.03.A

Automatic actuators according to luminosity and radiation in greenhouses

LP Net14; LpNet07; LP Pirg01

Frozen Risk analysis

LP Net14

Air speed and humidity in greenhouses to avoid or control evaporation and irrigation

HD2717, HD45xx, wireless HD35, HD 2001.1

Automatic Ventilation and automatic Air Change in poultry industry by CO2 measurement


Automatic irrigation according to solar radiation

LP Pyra xxx

Soil analysis (portable electrochemistry meter, analyzing a sample of soil and water)

pH/ µS

Photosynthesis Activity measure, Langley radiation measurement


Compost temperature

TP879 probe

Water Activity in granulate (to use by a prior curve made by thermo balances)


Aquaculture Fish Farm

portable or bench O2 meters

Leaf Wetness


Soil Moisture and Temperature


Greenhouses management (Temperature/RH/Airspeed/Pressure)

HD 2001.2


Canteens temperature and humidity control

HD35xx Wireless Data Logger, HD2727, HD48,

Pasteurization and Sterilization by UVC lamps


Food Kitchen, ex. Sugar cooking temperature, 160 ° C; Wine fermentation temperature

Hd2307 pT100 thermometers

Oven temperature profile

HD32.7, HD32.8 temperature dataloggers

Refrigerator temperature profile

HD32.7 temperature dataloggers

Refrigerated transport, Cold chain, HACCP Regulations, Controls Stock, Refrigerated warehouses

HD206 minidataloggers, HD35xx Wireless Data Logger

Food electrochemistry food analysis( bier, refreshments, water, milk, yogurt, vine, etc..)

pH, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity

Infrastructure (roads, railways, airports)

Highway Rain detector for speed reduction indication

HD 2013.2

Measuring the 'veil equivalent' of road tunnels


Road light sensor

Lux, Lum2

Road conditions sensors (available since 6/2014)

Temperature, humidity, frozen, wet, dry, wind,...see “Weather Station”

Concrete 'maturity' profile(+5-40°C in concrete casting to avoid cracking after solidification)

HD32.8.8 with thermocouple

Crane Safety in case of high wind intensity


Weather control and possible closure (Ports, Airports, Highways,.)

HD9008TRR, HD52.3D,…

HD32MT (mathematical calculation it could indicate Frozen risk)



Air Barometers

Micro-manometers, barometer HD 3604T…, HD 36V4T…

Air Pressure

HD 2124.1, HD 2124.2, HD 2304.0 pag. PR-2

Portable manometers, HD 2114.0, HD 2114.2, HD 2134.0, HD 2134.2, HD 2164.0, HD 2164.2, HD 2114B.0, HD 2114B.2 pag. PR-7

Micro-manometers, barometer HD 3604T…, HD 36V4T… transmisor HD 2004T…, HD 20V4T… transmisor

Dew point to avoid water/humidity in air pressure tubes

HP 480

Miscellaneous industries

Casting and welding control

UVB, black light, LP 471 P-A

Profile of glass furnaces

HD32.7, HD32.8

Special light control for jewelers works

LP471Phot LP471Lumen

Paper water activity analysis

RH portable meter + probe HP477DCR

Mining ventilation systems

By anemometros con tubos de pitot

Offset and Lithography & Electronic


Polymerization of varnishes, resins, adhesives


Pressure control in paint chambers by differential pressure measurement

HD408, HD4V8T

Quality control by UV Lamps


Non destructive material measurement by ISO 3059:2001

UVA, LP 471 P-A

Process & Industrial Temperature general sensors

HD 882xxx DIN B or Miniature Head

temperature probe for metrological laboratory

TP MSN 140 340