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  • Diemme - Pilot Plants

    Diemme - Pilot Plants

    DIEMME Soil Washing designed and realized an Industrial Pilot Plant in order to perform the activities of applied research and testing on industrial quantities of polluted matrix. This plant is arranged for remediation of sea-fluvial sediments and soils and is built with modular units of the most advanced equipment for remediation of the polluted matrix.

  • Diemme - Soil Washing Technology

    Diemme - Soil Washing Technology

    The industrial achievements of the last two centuries have invariably left a legacy of land contamination, as it was established practice to dispose of waste by tipping on the land, often but not always, close to the site of production. Poorly managed raw materials, chemicals and fuels lead to spills and releases to land with contamination and increased risk to humans and environment. The presence of contaminated sites is an issue which is common to...

  • Diemme - Sediment Washing Technology

    Diemme - Sediment Washing Technology

    DIEMME Soil Washing is a qualified interlocutor with innovative solutions for marine-fluvial sediments treatment and recovery by polyfunctional platform. DIEMME Soil Washing designs, develops, produces and installs complete sediments treatment plants by means of the Soil Washing technologic process, which can be defined in this field also as “SEDIMENT WASHING” or “SEDIMENT TREATMENT” process. The progressive deposit in port...