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  • Aluminium

  • Model AL - Rotary Furnaces

    Model AL - Rotary Furnaces

    In principle a TRF does not require salt to melt the whole range of aluminium scrap. With a slight over-pressure and a correctly adjusted burner the TRF offers the same yields as a fixed axis rotary operating using large amounts of salt. In reverb type furnaces with or without side wells scrap is melted without salt. A TRF is in fact a rotating reverb chamber operating without parasite air in which you can melt just about anything. This is not the...

  • Model AL-ZN - Casting Machine

    Model AL-ZN - Casting Machine

    Dross Engineering offers a wide range of ingot casting machines for ingots. Automated casting machines or carousels. Horizontal or 'goose-neck' type machines may be located at floor level or in pit.. The moulds are filled via an automated casting wheel controlled by laser sensors. Line speed is variable and controled from the opérator's desk. On request they can supply moulds for ingots of lower weights.

  • Model AL-ZN - Ingot Stacking Machine

    Model AL-ZN - Ingot Stacking Machine

    Dross Engineering builds a range on ingot stacking machines that form either single or twin bales. Production is directly related to ingot weight as the minimum casting time per ingot is 3 seconds irrespective of ingot weight.