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  • SoftWtE


    The software package, named SoftWtE, for configuration of the Dublix control algorithm runs under Windows NT or any newer versions of Windows. The package includes an OPC client (which is a standard communication protocol available in any new DCS or Control System), which facilitates communication with the server of the existing control system.SoftWtE may run in a server or client PC of the existing control system, or it may be implemented in a separate...

  • The FUELHigh-Level Control Language

    The FUELHigh-Level Control Language

    The FUzzy Event Language (FUEL) is a specialized programming or script language for implementation of high level control strategies based on the theory of fuzzy sets, which was introduced by Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh in the mid nineteen sixties. A FuzEvent control strategy is composed of a mixture of calculation EventX components and control EventX components.