Eco Energies

Eco Energies

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  • Major Plant Installations Audit

  • Auditing of Boilers

    Auditing of Boilers

    Performance evolution of Boilers. Feed air & Flue gas analysis. Optimization of excess combustion. Improved instrumentation for control. Improvement in operating practices. Incorporate heat recovery. Reduction of heat losses.

  • Auditing of Air Compressors

    Auditing of Air Compressors

    F.A.D. (Free Air Delivery) Test for all air compressors. Leak Test for compressed air system. Air leak points identification. Matching the demand side management  with supply. 5.  Proper cooling and appropriate air intake of Air Compressors.

  • Auditing of Pumps

    Auditing of Pumps

    Efficiency Calculation of pumps. Evaluation for possibility for VFDs. Evaluation for capacity variation. Operating pumps near to best efficiency points. Modify pumping system to minimize losses. Installing auto start stop pumps.

  • Assessment of Capacitors

    Assessment of Capacitors

    Testing of present capacitor banks. Locating capacitor banks at appropriate location. Requirement for any new capacitor bank. Installation of capacitors on motors having inductive load.

  • Auditing of Cooling Tower

    Auditing of Cooling Tower

    Improve cooling efficacy by evaluating water flow to air flow ratio. Review condition of fills. Rationalization of number of cells in operation, improvement in fan efficiencies and rationalization of operation.

  • Auditing of HVAC

    Auditing of HVAC

    Dryers(efficiency, Safety, performance). AHU  (efficiency, Safety, performance). Chiller system, (efficiency, Safety, performance). Duct System (efficiency, Safety, performance).

  • Assessment of Electricity Tariff Plan

    Assessment of Electricity Tariff Plan

    Data collection on total connected load. To check whether sanctioned load is less than the connected load. To check whether they has applied for additional load. To check whether branch has paid any penalties for excessive load.