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  • Industrial Cleaning Equipment

  • Ecomat - Industrial Pressure Washers

    Ecomat - Industrial Pressure Washers

    Industrial processes today require industrial pressure washers with autonomous operating capability and precise pressure, flow and drive system characteristics. ECOMAT is a benchmark in integrating all those features in the main high pressure pumps.

  • Ecomat - Vacuum Trucks

    Ecomat - Vacuum Trucks

    The truck-mounted power washers, semi-trailer or platform, must be approved for the transport of hazardous materials according to ADR regulations. ECOMAT es pionero y un referente a nivel Europeo como fabricante de equipos mixtos de aspiración-impulsión con certificación ATEX, disponiendo de una completa gama de equipos de succión aptos para trabajar en zonas con riesgo de explosión.

  • Ecomat - Track Cleaning Trains

    Ecomat - Track Cleaning Trains

    Current cleaning and safety requirements for subway lines require the use of specific equipment. ECOMAT is a leader in adapting railway cars with high pressure or spray vacuum equipment, necessary for cleaning subway lines, platforms and stations.

  • Industrial Mobile Equipment

  • Ecomat - Automatic Tank Cleaning Systems

    Ecomat - Automatic Tank Cleaning Systems

    Crude oil tanks must comply with legal safety requirements, and with periodic cleaning controls and measures. Because they are extremely useful it is important that this cleaning is done quickly. ECOMAT is the European leader in the design and manufacture of automated equipment for cleaning large crude oil tanks. More than 20 years of experience working with our partner Tankiac is testimony to this. Thanks to our technology, we save time so that the...

  • Ecomat - Industrial Pumps

    Ecomat - Industrial Pumps

    Out in the field, where fluid movement is necessary, pumping equipment is used. ECOMAT supplies and adapts for the customer all types of pumping equipment, offering the best solution for each work situation and need.

  • Ecomat - Pneumatic Pumps

    Ecomat - Pneumatic Pumps

    The use of pneumatic pumps has become widespread in the industry for their flexibility and diverse applications. ECOMAT uses pneumatic pumps for all types of industrial applications in areas with risk of explosion.

  • Industrial Treatment Systems

  • Ecomat - Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Ecomat - Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Wastewater treatment systems are a set of engineering structures and systems for treating water. They can either be fixed or mobile, built on a standard 20 or 40 foot container for their transport. ECOMAT designs and manufacture systems for the pretreatment of industrial wastewater by filtration, flotation or physical chemical processes.

  • Ecomat - Catalytic Dust Suction Systems

    Ecomat - Catalytic Dust Suction Systems

    Catalytic dust suction systems remove waste in the form of dust, ash, etc. from the interior of ducts and equipment. ECOMAT installs systems on 20 or 30 foot frames, (according to the customer’s needs) facilitating their transport. Operation by auxiliary or electric motor. We also work in an inert environment, recirculating inert gas with its corresponding cooling system and gas supply due to losses from the system.

  • Ecomat - Sludge Extraction and Pumping Systems

    Ecomat - Sludge Extraction and Pumping Systems

    The sludge formed by polluting substances must be treated, so it is separated from wastewater before its final disposal. ECOMAT designs a machine capable of extracting and pumping acid sludge from processes such as electrolysis, without needing to actually pass through a pump. Our wealth of experience in the world of sludge treatment means we can considerably reduce maintenance and repair costs and, therefore, process downtime hours.