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  • Air Quality

    Air pollution - from traffic, industrial or natural sources - can have a major impact on the environment, human health and ecosystems at all scales. Since its establishment in 1969, NILU has researched issues surrounding local and regional air pollution. The institute's research covers everything from the development of management systems for air quality in large cities and systems that compare greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution, to research on how air quality, both indoor and

  • Urban Air Quality

    Urban Air Quality

    For the past 40 years, NILU has been at the forefront of developing and adopting the most modern methods in air quality research. The institute offers a comprehensive program for surveying and planning for air quality in cities and towns.

  • Industrial Pollution

    Industrial Pollution

    Industrial pollution has historically represented the largest environmental impact in Norway. NILU has performed measurements, calculations, evaluations and impact assessments for the industry since the institute was first established in 1969. Air emissions can contain several different types of pollution, depending on the industry and what is being produced.

  • Air Quality Management

    Air Quality Management

    The development of air quality management systems, including measurement data, emissions inventories and dispersion modelling, has been a top priority at NILU for the past 25 years.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality

    NILU can offer indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and assessment of possible impacts on both human health and materials, including cultural artefacts and structures. The institute conducts indoor air pollution measurements and assessments based on extensive experience in the field and the expertise obtained from research projects. The measurements include various gaseous pollutants, such as: Pollutants generated outdoors e.g. NO2, O3, SO2 and...

  • Impacts on Materials

    Impacts on Materials

    Effects on materials, NILU conducts measurements and monitoring programmes that measure the amount atmospheric corrosion that can be expected and the associated discolouration of materials.

  • Chemical Analyses

    Through its many decades of experience, NILU and its scientists have developed expertise in the detection and quantification of various components and substances found in environmental samples. NILU analyses samples from the air, precipitation, sediment, soil, plants, marine oils and animals. You can read more about our work on the pages shown in the menu to the left. The different sample types require quite diverse and specific kinds of sample preparation. The concentrations in the samples

  • Air Sampling and Air Analysis

    Air Sampling and Air Analysis

    Air pollution is a collective term used to describe compounds that can cause damage to the environment and human health when released to the air. Air pollution has both natural and anthropogenic sources.

  • Soil, Sediments and Sludge

    Soil, Sediments and Sludge

    NILU takes samples from the soil, sediments and sludge. These different sample types contain widely varying concentration levels and an extensive range of contaminants and metals.

  • Marine Oils and Fish

    Marine Oils and Fish

    Most environmental contaminants are fat soluble, and are taken up and accumulated by fish.

  • Food and Feed

    Food and Feed

    The food we eat is a source of exposure to both organic and inorganic pollutants, for both people and animals.

  • Cosmetics and Drugs

    Cosmetics and Drugs

    The phrase 'cosmetics and drugs' collectively refers to a very complex group of substances.

  • Emissions Monitoring and Measurement

    Emissions Monitoring and Measurement

    The monitoring and measurement of emissions to the air, water and soil are fundamental in developing an adequate understanding of the risks that a substance or substance group might pose.

  • Components

  • Acrylamide


    Acrylamide is considered to be a carcinogen and can damage genetic material. It is used in the manufacture of items such as plastics, but is also formed in starchy foods that are cooked at high temperatures.

  • Brominated Flame Retardants

    Brominated Flame Retardants

    Brominated flame retardants (BFR) are a group of organic substances employed for their flame retardant characteristics. The most common BFRs are polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) and tetrabromobisphenol A.

  • Chlorinated Paraffins - CP

    Chlorinated Paraffins - CP

    Chlorinated paraffins (CP) are a group of compounds that have been extensively used as additives in extreme lubricants, especially for metal processing and in the shipping industry. They are also used as secondary plasticizers and flame retardants in plastics, paint and leather.

  • Chemical Determination of Metals

    Chemical Determination of Metals

    The chemical determination of trace amounts of metals in the air and precipitation is very demanding in terms of techniques for sampling and analysis. NILU has extensive experience with metals and has developed its own samplers for the collection of precipitation and particles in the air. Sample handling and analysis takes place in a separate cleanroom. NILU annually performs thousands of determinations for various metals in air and precipitation...

  • PFC - Perfluoralkyl compounds

    PFC - Perfluoralkyl compounds

    Perfluoralkyl compounds (PFC) have been produced industrially for decades. The presence of PFCs in the environment was confirmed as early as 1970, but there was no satisfactory method for the determination of the substances.

  • Inorganic Ions and Gases

    Inorganic Ions and Gases

    Air pollution is a term for compounds - gases or particles - that can cause damage to the environment and human health when released into the air. Air pollution has both natural and anthropogenic sources. Examples of classic air pollutants are sulphates (SO4), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO).

Services by Palas GmbH

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    With its special test systems Palas verifies all important device characteristics for the calibration of particle measuring devices. This service is not limited to Palas equipment. Customers can have tested and calibrated also their commercial aerosol generators, aerosol spectrometers and clean room particle counters made by other manufacturers. After the measurement the device in question is provided with a Palas calibration certificate.

  • Maintenance - Customer Support Services

    Maintenance - Customer Support Services

    The corporate philosophy of Palas is characterized by a high quality claim. This concerns not only our technology, but also our customer service. Our consulting and supporting service is directed to a long-term cooperation centering the optimal benefit for our customers. Adequate services are a part of this.

Services by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

  • Monitoring Systems

  • Cleanroom Monitoring Services

    Cleanroom Monitoring Services

    A common approach to controlling contamination in high technology manufacturing cleanrooms is the continuous monitoring of particles. Either dedicated, discrete, “real-time” particle counters or a multi-port pneumatic manifold system to sample multiple locations throughout the cleanroom can be used to accomplish this goal.

Services by Kanomax USA, Inc.

  • Solutions

  • Kanomax - HVAC Testing Services

    Kanomax - HVAC Testing Services

    Kanomax provides a complete line of products, from field test equipment to instruments used in the actual test and development of HVAC testing equipment. Rugged but accurate field instruments for the TAB technician, reliable anemometers and particle counters for development support, and precise monitoring instruments for laboratory environment control – we have it all.

  • Kanomax - Indoor Air Quality Services

    Kanomax - Indoor Air Quality Services

    Demand for quality indoor air continues to increase as we are spending more time indoors than ever before. Indoor air quality (IAQ) issues can be complex due to the diversity of indoor environments. To address IAQ, national and local governments have developed guidelines for acceptable indoor air quality. Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments. Kanomax has a diverse...

  • Kanomax - Cleanroom Monitoring Services

    Kanomax - Cleanroom Monitoring Services

    A cleanroom can be defined as a strictly controlled environment of the purest kind. During the technology boom, the semiconductor and HDD industries were the biggest users of cleanrooms and in a stable way, they still remain one of the most important users. However, as the world of science rapidly progresses, the demand for cleanrooms from players especially in the bio-tech and pharmaceutical markets have become noticeably strong.

  • Kanomax - Industrial Hygiene Services

    Kanomax - Industrial Hygiene Services

    Kanomax instruments are preferred by professionals that must monitor and maintain industrial hygiene to ensure occupational safety, comfort, and productivity. Our portable gas monitoring instruments provide solutions for detecting and minimizing gas exposure. Our dust monitoring instruments contribute to worker safety by providing accurate, real-time measurements of dangerous, respirable particles. Sound and vibration meters provide exposure levels of...

  • Kanomax - Aerosol Research Services

    Kanomax - Aerosol Research Services

    Research and development of innovative aerosol measurement tools is one of Kanomax’s core technologies. In recent years environmental research has raised concerns about diesel exhaust particles, the health effects of air pollution and climate changes, and human exposure to nano-particles. In response to these issues Kanomax has developed several aerosol measurement solutions such as the black carbon monitor developed by a collaboration between...

  • Kanomax - Fluid Mechanics Research Services

    Kanomax - Fluid Mechanics Research Services

    Providing fluid measurement solutions is at the root of our company’s mission. We provide cutting-edge fluid mechanics measuring instruments for performing tasks such as non-contact measurements of low-to-floor conditions during engine combustion (which occurs under high temperatures and pressure) to universities and engineering facilities.

  • Kanomax - Mass Spectrometry Services

    Kanomax - Mass Spectrometry Services

    The expanding bio-technology field is creating a greater demand for mass spectrometry, as this technology is vital to human safety and quality of living. Two key areas are improving quality in environmental management and air quality management. Other applications include: drug detection, chemical analysis of food and the analysis of environmental contaminates. The portable nature of this new mass spectrometer opens up exciting possibilities for...

  • Support

  • Kanomax - Calibration Services

    Kanomax - Calibration Services

    As many Kanomax instruments are used to measure airflow, particle counts, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. in environments where a half of a percentage point of error could be absolutely critical, we take calibration service and repair very seriously. That’s why we employ the most proven, experienced service technicians and relay on the best calibration equipment money can buy. Although we offer speedy turnaround time on all services, we...

Services by NILU Innovation AS

  • Innovation Management Services

    Innovation Management Services

    Innovation nilu AS works as an SME within projects to guide the Innovation Management process to ensure the maximum value and impact of project results are acheived. Whether the results are intended to provide commercial, societal or intellection innovation, Innovation nilu AS can add value to project proposals and project results.