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  • ECOMSAAS - Web services for data management

    ECOMSAAS - Web services for data management

    As an integral part of Ecomesure connected systems, the web platform greatly simplifies sensor remote control and data processing by offering a package of environmental data monitoring services available in different service options: - Data processing - Display of real-time and historical measurements - Data downloading (.xls or .csv) and storage - Sensor remote control - Configurable alerts and/or warnings - Data transfer through...

Software by Palas GmbH

  • PDControl - Measurement Value Data Acquisition And Data Analysis Software

    PDControl - Measurement Value Data Acquisition And Data Analysis Software

    Software for particle size and concentration analysis with the welas digital opt. aerosol spectrometer. The PDControl software is designed for measurement value acquisition and data analysis by all of the welas digital systems. It enables quick and easy particle size and concentration analysis. The PDControl software provides special advantages for the analysis of rapid changes in concentration and particle size distributions using the high time...

  • FTControl - Filter Testing Software

    FTControl - Filter Testing Software

    The FTControl software is used for the reliable and economical performance of filter tests and fractional separation efficiency measurements with the welas digital optical aerosol spectrometer. The FTControl software provides the user with special advantages, including individually programmable sequences for fractional separation efficiency measurement. A simple menu navigation system guides the user through the measurement program and the results are...

Software by mlu-recordum Environmental Monitoring Solutions GmbH

  • Recordum - Operation Management System

    Recordum - Operation Management System

    We serve the perfect software for your needs: Setup: Setup is used for settings in general. Here you may enable or disable the various modules and change units such as ppb and µg/m³.