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  • Remediation Services

    ENTACT has provided service to private industry clients for more than two decades. Our skills and capabilities include Site Preparation, Water Management, and Restoration; In-Situ and Ex-Situ Treatment; Cap and Containment; Sediment Removal and Management; and Geotechnical Construction Services. We possess an in-house treatability laboratory dedicated to enhancing our waste treatment and solidification/stabilization efforts. Our projects often integrate several scope components and include a

  • In-Situ Solidification/Stabilization Services

    In-Situ Solidification/Stabilization Services

    ISS technology is a core competency of ENTACT. Our combination of in-house treatability services coupled with our experienced technical staff and hands-on project management of in-house field crews, and use of company owned equipment allows ENTACT to provide true turn-key ISS solutions. Our ISS experience includes bucket mixing with excavators (usually when strength and perm are not as critical), horizontal auger mixing with Lang Tools or ENTACT-units...

  • Wetlands/Sediment Remediation Services

    Wetlands/Sediment Remediation Services

    ENTACT has performed numerous projects involving excavation of sediments, soils replacement, channel configuration and stabilization, construction of predation barriers, habitat construction, and restoration planting for both emergent freshwater wetlands and tidal marsh regimes. Our crews are proficient in managing storm water and tidal influences encountered in salt marshes and tidal mud flats where earthworks are exposed to the inundation of natural...

  • Earthwork/Material Management Services

    Earthwork/Material Management Services

    Earthwork and material management activities are at the core of nearly every project ENTACT executes. Our diverse experience includes excavation; material management, screening and handling; sheet pile or shoring support systems; dewatering; wet soil conditioning; debris removal and management; waste material transportation and disposal; and precision re-grading and site restoration.

  • Geotechnical Construction Services

    Geotechnical Construction Services

    Ground Improvement. Structural Support. Excavation Support. Earth Retention Systems. Sheet Pile Installation. Slurry Wall Construction. Intercept Trenching.

  • Geotechnical Services

  • Soil and Sludge Treatment Capabilities Services

    Soil and Sludge Treatment Capabilities Services

    The industry utilizes a number of different acronyms to describe vertical auger mixing including: DSM (Deep Soil Mixing), SAM (Single Axis Mixing), or ISS (In-Situ Solidification/Stabilization). ENTACT performs soil mixing with large diameter augers (typically 3 to 12 ft in Diameter) equipped with mixing paddles and grout ports. As the auger is advanced into the ground, grout is pumped through the ports and mixed with existing soil, resulting in a...