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  • Walking Systems

  • Entro - X-Swing Walking Foot

    Entro - X-Swing Walking Foot

    The X-Swing is our most capable walking foot yet. Due to its extended travel stroke and expanded flexibility, it boasts double the walking speed and, as a result of the yaw restoration device, much higher capability of precision control over your rig. Due to its sophisticated design, the X-Swing moves in any direction, at any time, and can change direction under load. AutoWalk and AutoLift with manual back up...

  • Walking Foot - Walking Foot

    Walking Foot - Walking Foot

    By bringing industrial automation to our King-Pin custom-designed control and hydraulic walking foot family, the Autowalk and Autolift control system boosts operator efficiency, increases safety, and enhances flexibility while walking oil rigs or other large structures. Hold the joystick in the direction you want to go and Autowalk does the rest. Our patented control system coordinates jacking, traveling, and steering the oil rig.

  • Heavy Haul

  • Entro Industries - Heavy Haul Axle

    Entro Industries - Heavy Haul Axle

    Entro manufactures a range of heavy duty axles for any application. Our axles are typically used in off-road applications, but can also be employed over the road. To see how our axles have been deployed, check out our heavy haul configurations. Our axles have been deployed in various harsh conditions, from the tundra on the North Slope of Alaska to the deserts of the Middle East. We will help you decide on the ideal combination of high capacity...

  • Entro Industries - Heavy Haul Suspension

    Entro Industries - Heavy Haul Suspension

    Entro custom heavy haul suspensions are custom built for some of the world’s most demanding applications. Features include reduced mounting height, hydraulic active lift, hydraulic and mechanical steering, and high strength alloys for greater mobility when moving the world’s largest loads. Entro-designed and manufactured suspensions are in use around the world, from Alaska to Africa and the Middle East.

  • Hydraulics and Controls

  • Entro-Industries - Control Consoles

    Entro-Industries - Control Consoles

    Entro builds control consoles for all of our machinery. Our control consoles can vary widely, from manual handle control only to automated motions based on sensor data. Wireless remote controllers are a popular added feature due to the increased safety, flexibility and visibility. With all automated options, manual control is available as a backup.

  • Material Handling

  • Entro Industries - Roller Chain Load Skates

    Entro Industries - Roller Chain Load Skates

    Entro Industries' Roller Chain Load Skates are designed to move big loads in tight spaces. The recirculating chain-action design allows a load to spread out over many rollers, making a high-capacity skate in a small size. These high-capacity bearings can be used in places where large wheels won't fit, and provide similar load-carrying capability to skidding systems but with much lower friction and smooth rolling motion.

  • Entro Industries - Lifts and Doors Elevators

    Entro Industries - Lifts and Doors Elevators

    Entro designs custom hydraulic material handling elevators and lifts, both for traditional and specialty applications. Entro has several styles of mechanisms including scissor lifts, linear elevators, jacking systems, and hoisting systems. Lift capacity ranges from hundreds to millions of pounds. Lift stroke depends on the applications and mechanism style, but extends to multi-floor lifts.

  • Entro-Industries - Drill Pipe Handling

    Entro-Industries - Drill Pipe Handling

    Efficient and safe handling of drill pipe is a fundamental capability required for oil well drilling. Entro designs custom drill pipe handling equipment, both for traditional and specialty applications. Entro's portfolio of designs include pipe skate machines, elevators, powered baskets, racks, cranes, infeed arms, scissor lifts, v-doors, linear lifts, and safety stops. With years of design expertise, Entro can design other mechanisms for pipe and...

  • Custom Oil and Gas Rigs

  • Entro Industries - Custom-Built Drilling Rig Systems

    Entro Industries - Custom-Built Drilling Rig Systems

    Entro Industries has provided critical engineering design and support services for many custom drilling rigs for different markets throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, and the Middle East. These services have included conceptual design, mechanical engineering and drafting, design review, manufacturing, and rig up support services. Entro provides engineering design services for specialty rigs in extreme environments, and we have a...