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  • Industrial Catalyst Services

    SCR and CO catalyst systems are complex and require active management and maintenance to ensure reliable emissions performance. Environex has the breadth and depth of experience and independent perspective to help you optimize emissions control performance while minimizing the associated operating costs. Environex’s industry-leading knowledge base has been cultivated and expanded since our founding in 1991. We are a full service consulting and testing company and are ready to help you with

  • SCR Catalyst Testing Services

    SCR Catalyst Testing Services

    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalysts deactivate over time and must be actively managed to ensure reliable plant emissions performance. Catalyst testing is the most reliable way to determine when your SCR catalyst will no longer be able to provide the required NOx conversion performance. Each catalyst is a custom-engineered product that takes several months to design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver to your facility. As such, knowing when your...

  • CO/VOC Oxidation Catalyst Testing Services

    CO/VOC Oxidation Catalyst Testing Services

    CO oxidation catalyst performance degrades over time, so proper planning for catalyst replacement is essential to ensuring reliable plant CO emissions performance. Since it can take up to several months to specify, design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver a replacement CO catalyst charge, accurately determining when a catalyst will reach end of life is critical for outage scheduling and budget planning.

  • Catalyst Replacement Services

    Catalyst Replacement Services

    Emissions control catalyst technology is continually evolving and improving. As such, there are opportunities to improve the emissions performance of your facility and reduce the lifecycle operating costs associated with emissions control when the time comes to replace your emissions control catalysts.

  • CO Catalyst Recycle Services

    CO Catalyst Recycle Services

    Precious metals are the active material in most industrial CO and VOC catalysts. After these catalysts reach their end of life for field service, they retain substantial residual value due to their precious metal content.

  • SCR/CO System Consulting

    SCR/CO System Consulting

    Emissions performance can be impacted by factors anywhere from fuel combustion to monitoring at the stack. Environex has the breadth and depth of experience to quantify changes in operation on emissions performance and to identify and fix operational problems that are adversely affecting stack emissions. Environex also offers design consulting and regulatory consulting services, drawing from deep industry experience. Environex has been providing SCR and...

  • Industrial Catalyst Short Course

    Industrial Catalyst Short Course

    Environex offers an annual comprehensive two-day short course on industrial catalyst emissions control technologies with a focus on SCR and CO catalyst technologies. The course provides valuable SCR training to O&M personnel and others with an interest in the industry. The course is open for anyone who wants to attend. Customized private courses are also available upon request.