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Environmental Protection, Inc. (EPI)

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  • PVC Flexible Geomembrane

    PVC Flexible Geomembrane

    PVC fabricated geomembrane liners by EPI are single-ply construction with Polyvinyl Chloride as the principle polymer. Only first quality virgin resins are used and all materials meet or exceed ASTM D 7176 minimum specifications* for materials and ASTM D 7408 minimum specifications for seam strength. PVC Liners are fabricated by EPI in panel sizes up to 40,000 square feet, accordion-folded in both directions, and packaged for shipment to your site for...

  • XR-5


    XR-5® is a state of the art geomembrane compatible with a wide range of harsh liquids. It is an extremely tough woven synthetic fabric of DuPont Dacron Polyester which has been molecularly coated with sophisticated compounds that are minimally degradable in adverse environments. This design eliminates liner failure caused by 'wicking' as can be experienced by laminates. Delamination is also impossible as XR-5's exclusive molecular primers saturate...

  • Reinforced Polypropylene Geomembranes

    Reinforced Polypropylene Geomembranes

    Reinforced Polypropylene provides a versatile flexible geomembrane liner. The unique three ply construction with a combination of custom fabric reinforcement encapsulated by extruded high performance polypropylene provides a strong, highly chemical resistant liner. The chemically inert polymer is modified to provide many specialized properties that include excellent flexibility, low thermal coefficient of expansion and contraction, outstanding...

  • LLDPE - Linear Low Density Polyethylene - Textured

    LLDPE - Linear Low Density Polyethylene - Textured

    If you require increased frictional performance, flexibility and elongation, Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) - Textured Geomembranes are the best product choice. Its superior textured surface allows for increased friction between the two layers and the design of steeper slopes.

  • Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene (Textured or Smooth)

    Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene (Textured or Smooth)

    Scrim Reinforced Polyethylene (Textured or Smooth) provides design engineers with new solutions for the most challenging projects. The texture provides increased friction between various soil and geosynthetic layers allowing for steeper slope designs. This is ideal for applications requiring exceptional slope stability such as landfill caps, mining leach pads and containment ponds.

  • Fabricated Non-Woven Geotextile

    Fabricated Non-Woven Geotextile

    Fabricated Non-Woven Geotextiles are a family of polypropylene, staple fiber, needle-punched geotextiles engineered for filtration, soil stabilization, separation, drainage and gas transmission, cushion and liner protection applications.

  • Polypropylene (PP) Geomembranes

    Polypropylene (PP) Geomembranes

    Polypropylene (PP) styles combine outstanding flexibility, elongation, cold temperature resistance, long term UV stability, and advanced chemical resistance. Unsupported Polypropylene (PP) is manufactured without the reinforcing scrim found in supported styles. The unsupported styles of PP are some of the most flexible materials available for use as a fabricated geomembrane, making detail work such as attaching to structures or creating corners an...

Products by UltraTech International, Inc.

  • Spill Containment Pallets

  • Ultra-Spill  - Model P4 & P2 - Standard Spill Containment Pallets

    Ultra-Spill - Model P4 & P2 - Standard Spill Containment Pallets

    Spill Containment Pallets protect against chemical spills or leaks. The Ultra-Spill Pallet is specially constructed to support heavy loads and designed to be easily used and transported. Its 100% Polyethylene construction makes it compatible with a wide range of chemicals, while its low-rise, 11 inch walls give more accessibility for pouring. Helps meet spill containment regulations for up to four drums and comply with SPCC, EPA and UFC spill...

  • Spill Decks

  • Ultra Standard - Spill Decks

    Ultra Standard - Spill Decks

    Low profile, modular spill decks allow you to design and create a spill containment system that meets your specific needs

  • Ultra - Model Plus  - Spill Decks

    Ultra - Model Plus - Spill Decks

    Extra Rugged Spill Decks Provide Containment For Heavy Equipment, Machinery and Batteries. This heavy duty spill containment deck is designed to catch drips, leaks and spills from drums, machinery or heavy equipment. Its low profile (4 ¼” high) makes it easy to drive equipment onto the surface during routine maintenance and repair operations.

  • Stormwater Management

  • Ultra-Basin Guard  - Storm Drain

    Ultra-Basin Guard - Storm Drain

    Replace Messy Hay Bales And Keep Sediment And Oil From Entering Drains And Inlets. Prevents silt, sediment and hydrocarbons from entering storm drains Provides visual indicators to storm drain locations Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) when used as Best Management Practice in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans. Two standard sizes: Part # 9292 fits up to 24' x 24' grates. Part # 9293 fits up to 4' x 6' grates.

  • Ultra Dewatering Bag

    Ultra Dewatering Bag

    Contain Sediment And Oil Pumped Out During Dewatering Operations. Detains both oil and sediment, offering a combination of benefits not available in alternative dewatering bags. Standard and custom sizes available. Accommodates up to 4' discharge hose. Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) when used as Best Management Practice in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans.

  • Spill Response & Decon

  • Ultra-Drain Plugs - Spill Response & Decon

    Ultra-Drain Plugs - Spill Response & Decon

    Urethane Plugs Keep Spills out of Drains. The Ultra-Drain Plug is manufactured with a flexible polyurethane material that resists oil, water and most aggressive chemicals. Its tapered design makes it easy to securely wedge into standard drains to prevent contaminants from entering.

  • Ultra-Cab Mount Container

    Ultra-Cab Mount Container

    Store Pop Up Pools Behind The Cab — Out Of The Way, But Ready For Any Emergency. Durable, all-polyethylene construction will resist harsh weather effects. Cover is lockable for security purposes. Store Pop Up Pools outside of the cab,preserving valuable interior space for other necessities. Note: Only Ultra-Pop Up Pool Economy Models will fit into Cab Mount Containers.

  • Ultra-Decon Decks - Model Tactical - Spill Response & Decon

    Ultra-Decon Decks - Model Tactical - Spill Response & Decon

    Decontamination Decks Keep Personnel Above Hazardous Material. Replaces conventional containment pools - contaminated water is captured in Deck sump and attached 66-gallon bladder Quick and easy set-up. Deck and bladder capacity is 110 gallons. Use for chemical, biological, and/or radiological response. Replacement Bladders available (P/N 6340). Optional Privacy Shelter (P/N 6005) and Carrying Case (P/N 6006) available. Tactical Model (P/N 6000) can...

  • Oil Spill

  • Ultra-Oil Filter Boom

    Ultra-Oil Filter Boom

    Capture Floating Oil Quickly And Stop It From Reaching The Shore. Six-foot-long booms made with Ultra-X-Tex absorb oil from water much faster than standard polypropylene booms. Unlike polypropylene, Ultra-X-Tex material will allow water to pass through freely while filtering any oil present on the water’s surface. Each Oil Filter Boom has connecting hardware pre-installed so multiple units can be quickly and easily attached for longer lengths....

  • Ultra - Oil Blanket

    Ultra - Oil Blanket

    Protect Beaches And Shorelines From Spills. Install in the surf along beaches and shorelines to absorb oil spills before they can make it to land. Large, 10’-long x 5’-wide section of Ultra-X-Tex quickly removes oil and other hydrocarbons. Blanket will “tumble” in the surf and remove oil from water as it passes by and thru the filtering fabric. Ultra-X-Tex has the unusual benefit of being able to pull out emulsified oils which...

  • Ultra-SpillPallets Economy Models

    Ultra-SpillPallets Economy Models

    With the advent of global markets, the business world has never been more competitive. Ultra-SpillPallet Economy Models have been developed specifically to meet tight budgets for spill containment products. Available in 2-drum and 4-drum configurations. Applications for the all-polyethylene units include satellite waste collection and storage of virgin chemicals. Black color helps hide dirt and grime. Removable grating - makes clean-up quick and easy....

  • Ultra-SpillPallet Fluorinated Models

    Ultra-SpillPallet Fluorinated Models

    Certain chlorinated solvents are considered incompatible with standard polyethylene. However, a gas treatment process known as fluorination alters the surface of molded polyethylene products, making them compatible with these and many other aggressive chemicals. The light blue color indicates that the SpillPallets and grates have been fluorinated.

  • Ultra-SpillKing


    Unique Design Combines A Variety Of Material Handling Capabilities With Spill Control Ultra-SpillKing features a removable deck with 4-way forklift access. Combined with its 85 gallon containment sump, drum handling and storage have never been safer. Rugged polyethylene construction features a 6500 pound static load capacity. Place SpillKing basins in strategic areas - drums can be easily rotated and replaced with the forkliftable deck. Meets EPA and...

  • Ultra-SpillPallets Plus Models

    Ultra-SpillPallets Plus Models

    Combine High Strength And Low-Profile Features While Meeting EPA Container Storage Regulations Low 8 3/4' profile positions drum funnels below eye level - significantly reduces the potential for hazardous fluids to splash into the eyes or face. Nearly 50% lower than standard spill pallets, drum handling is safer and less strenuous. Large sump capacities meet EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment...

  • Ultra-HardTop Plus Models

    Ultra-HardTop Plus Models

    Safely Store Multiple Drums Outdoors Available in 8, 12, 16 and 20-drum models. Extender kits are available to expand capacity beyond 20-drums. All polyethylene construction - offering excellent chemical resistance, will not rust or corrode. Use optional Ramp (p/n 0676) for easier drum handling - stores inside HardTop when not in use. Low profile (8 3/4') containment pallet positions drum-tops at a safe, convenient level to pour wastes into funnels or to...

  • Model Ultra-275 - Containment Sump

    Model Ultra-275 - Containment Sump

    Complete Spill Containment For 275 Gallon Oval Tanks - Indoors Or Outdoors!Spill solution - Eliminate costly spills while storing fuels, oils and other hazardous liquids.Rugged, all-polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode.Meets EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC regulations.Use with optional Ultra-Self Bailer (Part # 9935) for outdoor spill containment - Self Bailer allows clean stormwater to passively drain from sump...

  • Model Ultra-550 - Containment Sump

    Model Ultra-550 - Containment Sump

    Secondary Containment for 500 and 550 Gallon Tanks Economical containment for 500 and 550 gallon fuel and oil tanks. 100% polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode - provides superior chemical and weather resistance. Optional 3/4' drain fitting available. Use with optional Ultra-Self Bailer (Part 9935) for outdoor containment - Self Bailer allows clean stormwater to passively drain from sump while capturing hydrocarbons. (Note: To use the...

  • Model Ultra-1000 - Containment Sump

    Model Ultra-1000 - Containment Sump

    Safe and economical secondary containment for 1000 gallon tanks Contains spills, drips and leaks from 1000-gallon fuel tanks.One-piece molded polyethylene design — will not rust or corrode.Nestable design saves freight and minimizes storage space.Optional 3/4” drain fitting available — allows use with Ultra-Self Bailer.2” drain fitting also available.Use with optional Ultra-Self Bailer (Part# 9935) for outdoor containment...

  • Ultra-Drain Seals

    Ultra-Drain Seals

    Stop Spills From Going Down the Drain Reinforced mesh is 'sandwiched' between layers of polyurethane - increases durability and resistance to tearing. Unique, urethane construction allows the pad to deform and seal off most drains - temporarily 'seals' to any smooth surface. A valuable addition to any emergency response plan, spill kit or stormwater management program m. Unlike some alternative products, BOTH sides will quickly seal drains - there is...

  • Ultra-Drain Plugs

    Ultra-Drain Plugs

    Tapered design wedges securely into standard drains to stop any flow. Eyebolts are removable, allowing installation of grating with DrainPlug in place. Non-absorbing, easily cleaned for repeated use. Flexible polyurethane material - resists oil, water and most aggressive chemicals. Cleans with soap and water.

  • Ultra-Spill Berm

    Ultra-Spill Berm

    Temporary Spill Berm Seals Off Spills From The Environment, Nearby Drains And Doorways.Standard 10 foot sections can be cut to various lengths to meet custom needs.Unique, urethane material 'weeps' into small cracks and crevices to seal off liquid flow.Spill Berm is non-absorbing and is easily cleaned for repeated use. Applications include: Spill Response Temporary Secondary Containment Sealing Off of Doorways During Washdown Operations.

  • Ultra-Containment Berms, Camo Model

    Ultra-Containment Berms, Camo Model

    Compact, one-piece construction is lightweight and portable - no tools required for installation. Protect the environment from leaking machinery, equipment or drums. Use with tarps or netting to provide complete camouflaged coverage of containment areas. Rugged 28 oz., 28 mil reinforced fabric provides durability. Camo material is available for all models of Ultra-Containment Berms.

  • Ultra-Containment Berms

    Ultra-Containment Berms

    The Collapsible Wall Model Containment Berm features rugged PVC sidewall assemblies for sidewall support. Simply swivel the 'feet' of the PVC supports to lower or raise the sidewalls in just seconds! See how the sidewalls work Meet EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 with Collapsible Wall Model Containment Berms. Custom sizes available. Standard material of construction is Copolymer 2000.

  • Ultra-Containment Berms, Compact Model

    Ultra-Containment Berms, Compact Model

    Compact Design Folds Into A Tight Package - Minimal Space Required To Store Onboard Trucks And Hazmat Response Vehicles Compact, lightweight, portable design - no inflation required. Protects heavy equipment from spills during filling, discharging, cleaning and maintenance. Smaller sizes provide total containment of drums, tanks, generators, compressors and other equipment prone to leaks and spills. Sidewalls lower quickly to allow drive in / drive out....

  • Foam Wall  Ultra-Containment Berms

    Foam Wall Ultra-Containment Berms

    Low Profile Design Is Perfect For Equipment Maintenance And Portable Drum Containment Capture nuisance leaks and spills from vehicles, oily equipment, tanks and drums. Soft foam sidewall easily compresses for convenient loading and off-loading. Choose from 3 standard sizes to meet your needs - custom sizes also available. Low, 2' sidewall contains spills - keeps plant floors and soil free from contamination. No set-up required - simply unfold for quick...

  • Ultra-Containment Berms, RapidRise Model

    Ultra-Containment Berms, RapidRise Model

    Sidewalls Stay Lowered And Out Of The Way Until They Are Needed Sidewalls remain down during normal operations, loading and unloading. Vehicles and equipment can drive in and out with no set-up or take-down required. In the case of a spill, the foam ring around the top perimeter of the Containment Berm rises with the level of spilled liquid. Helps meet EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC requirements. Custom sizes available. Standard...

  • Ultra-Containment Berms, Stake Wall Model

    Ultra-Containment Berms, Stake Wall Model

    Portable Secondary Containment For Drums, Tanks, Equipment And Vehicles Stake Wall Model Containment Berms feature a unique design which allows the sidewalls to collapse in either direction and spring back automatically to their upright position! Roll drums over the sidewalls, drive trucks through them, and the sidewalls always return to vertical without assistance. See how the sidewalls work No set-up required - unfold and the sidewalls automatically...

  • Ultra-Containment Berms, Ultimate Model

    Ultra-Containment Berms, Ultimate Model

    Unique, 'Living Hinge' Design Allows Hands-Free Drive In/Drive Out - No Need To Manually Raise Or Lower The Endwalls Entry and exit walls are supported every 12' with a patented 'living hinge'. Once a vehicle has entered or exited, the walls automatically spring back to their vertical position. Both long sidewalls are held upright by PVC sidewall assemblies. Simply swivel the feet to lower the sidewalls for storage or transport to another location. See...

  • Ultra-DrumTruck


    Rugged polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance. Large containment sump (66 gallons) meets EPA Containment Regulations. Unlike alternative products, the open containment sump does not require spills to flow inside the double walls to meet EPA regulations - easy to clean; eliminates residue concerns as related to compatibility. Can be used with 55- or 30-gallon drums - nylon strap keeps drums secure. Ergonomically designed for safe...

  • Ultra-Spill Collectors

    Ultra-Spill Collectors

    Mobile Secondary Container Provides Maximum Protection For The Inner Drum Applications include satellite waste collection, general storage of chemical drums and portable drum pumping stations. Rugged design allows Flat Bottom Model and Pallet Jack Model to be safely handled by forklift under top flange. 66 gallon containment capacity.

  • Ultra-Collector System

    Ultra-Collector System

    Mobile System Provides Convenience to Waste Collection Activities Three-piece system includes Bung Access Funnel, SpillCollector and Dolly.* Can be used with steel or poly 55-gallon drums. Meets EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175. Entire Systems can be quickly relocated for easier dispensing and collection.

  • Ultra-UtilityBox


    Versatile UtilityBox can be used for spill kits, storage bins, dock boxes and much more! 15 cu. ft. capacity Forkliftable and lockable Heavy-duty, double-walled lid is sloped to shed rain Outside dimensions: 48'L x 31'D Height without wheels: 31.5' Height with 5' wheels: 38' Height with 8' wheels: 41.75'

  • Ultra-TrackPans


    Capture Hazardous Spills From Railroad Tanker Cars Ultra-TrackPans have been designed to provide spill containment at industrial rail sidings and locomotive maintenance facilities. Available in virtually any length, Ultra-TrackPans may be used to collect small spills and leaks OR to capture and channel off significant spills caused by defective equipment or a major overflow. Prevent Costly Cleanup and Regulatory Fines Modular Design - Center and Side...

  • Ultra-Spill Deck P1 Bladder System

    Ultra-Spill Deck P1 Bladder System

    Hidden Containment Bladder Automatically Unfurls To Capture Large Spills Or Drum Leaks The first and only low profile, single-drum containment unit which meets EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations. Compact 25 7/8' x 30 1/2' footprint saves valuable floor space - perfect for single-drum waste collection usage. Small spills and leaks are captured in the 11-gallon sump. Large, catastrophic leaks...

  • Ultra-Spill Deck Fluorinated Models

    Ultra-Spill Deck Fluorinated Models

    Use Fluorinated SpillDecks With Chlorinated Solvents And Other Aggressive Chemicals That May Not Be Compatible With Standard Polyethylene

  • Ultra-Spill Deck Plus Models

    Ultra-Spill Deck Plus Models

    Extra Rugged SpillDecks Provide Containment For Heavy Equipment And Machinery Heavy duty Ultra-SpillDeck Plus Models are rated for loads up to 10,000 lbs. per square foot. Drive equipment onto the low profile (4 1/4 high) SpillDecks and capture any fluids which may leak during routine maintenance and repair operations. Permanently mount machinery onto the decks to contain leaking oil, hydraulic fluid, etc. 2 and 4-drum modules can be connected together...

  • Ultra-InLine Spill Decks

    Ultra-InLine Spill Decks

    Low Profile, 'In Line' Designs Save Valuable Floor Space And Comply With Spill Containment Regulations Standard InLine Models include 3-drum, 4-drum, 5-drum and 6-drum configurations. Narrow 25 7/8' depth allows drums to be stored in a single row along facility walls - minimizes space requirements. InLine Models are pre-drilled and can be quickly assembled without tools. The bulkhead fittings 'lock' connected modules together and allow spills to flow...

  • Ultra-Spill Decks

    Ultra-Spill Decks

    Low Profile, Modular SpillDecks Allow You To Design And Create A Containment System That Meets Your Specific Needs Ultra-SpillDecks are available in 1, 2 and 4-drum modules. Modules are easily connected together with bulkhead fittings to allow a virtually unlimited number of customized configurations. The bulkhead fittings not only 'lock' connected modules together, but allow spilled liquid to flow from one module to the next. Ultra-SpillDeck Containment...

  • Ultra-Spill Deck P6 and P8

    Ultra-Spill Deck P6 and P8

    Available in 6-drum and 8-drum models, Ultra-SpillDecks are perfect for satellite collection of hazardous wastes or storage of virgin chemicals. One-piece, molded sump with elevated 2' x 4' black grates. Polyethylene grates feature slip resistant, 'diamond plate' surface design. Deck holds up to 1,500 lbs. per drum UDL (uniformly distributed load). Designed for use with Ultra-SpillDeck Loading Ramp (p/n 1089) Meet SPCC, EPA and Uniform Fire Code Spill...

  • Ultratech - Ultra-Containment Spill Berms

    Ultratech - Ultra-Containment Spill Berms

    Ultratech ultra-containment spill berms provide spill containment for drums, IBCs, vehicles, frac tanks, and more. 'Rapid rise' PVC plastic. Several configurations available. Starting at $662.00 for the 6x6x1 (269 gal.) size.

  • IBC Spill Pallets

    A complete line of spill containment pallets for IBCs, totes, tanks and other large containers.

  • Ultra - IBC Spill Pallets

    Ultra - IBC Spill Pallets

    UltraTech’s IBC Spill Pallet’s 16,000 lb. weight capacity, allows you to safely double stack IBC containers, preventing unwanted spills in tight places. Its large, 400 gallon spill containment capacity keeps you in compliance with EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations and its all-polyethylene construction provides excellent chemical compatibility.