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Environmental Remediation Contractor Services

  • Construction Services

    • Remediation of nonhazardous and hazardous waste • In-situ mixing of hazardous waste, transportation, disposal • Emergency spill cleanup response and services, emergency relief services fordisasters • Landfill; landfill capping, gas extraction, and leachate collectionsystems • Soil vapor extraction and air sparging systems • Groundwater recovery systems(GWR) • Underground and above ground storagetank removal • Mine reclamation services • Lagoon construction and closure • Stream channe

  • Contaminated Groundwater Treatment Service

    Contaminated Groundwater Treatment Service

    Passive Groundwater Treatment Systems are used to permit groundwater to flow through specific treatment media. Contaminants in groundwater react with installed groundwater treatment medium and are either degraded, precipitated or absorbed on-site, or in-situ, depending on the type of contaminant and treatment system.

  • Remedial System Installation Service

    Remedial System Installation Service

    Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) is an in-situ remediation technology for the physical treatment of volatile and semi-volatile contaminants in the vadose zone (unsaturated soils) (EPA, 2012). Soil Vapor Extraction is also referred to as in-situ soil venting or vacuum extraction. It is based on a mass transfer of contaminants from the solid and liquid phases into the gas phase. Vacuum blowers and extraction wells are used to induce gas flow...

  • Air Sparging Service

    Air Sparging Service

    Air Sparging, also known as in-situ air stripping and in-situ volatilization, is an in-situ remediation technology used for the treatment of saturated soil zones and groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This technique involves the injection of pressurized air into contaminated groundwater enabling the hydrocarbons to change its state from dissolved to vapor state. The injection of air helps to flush the...

  • Interceptor Trench Service for Contaminated Soil Remediation

    Interceptor Trench Service for Contaminated Soil Remediation

    An Interceptor Trench is a good option to intercept contaminated groundwater which is perched above a relatively impermeable soil. An interceptor trench is excavated into a relatively impermeable soil layer and installed for migrating contaminated groundwater to be intercepted and collected as it flows across the impermeable layer. The trench is typically installed across a contour of a slight to a moderate sloping area to intercept groundwater prior...

  • In-Situ Remediation Services

    In-Situ Remediation Services

    New in-situ soil and groundwater treatment or oxidation technologies have become popular, for remediation of a wide range of soil and groundwater contaminants.

  • Stream or River Restoration Service

    Stream or River Restoration Service

    Environmental Remediation Contractor restores the natural state and functionality of streams and river systems in support of biodiversity, recreation, flood management, and landscape development. Improved water health may be indicated by an expanded habitat for diverse species (e.g. fish, aquatic insects, other wildlife) and reduced stream bank erosion. Enhancements may include improved water quality (i.e. reduction of pollutant levels and an increase...

  • Wetlands Creation, Restoration or Wetland Construction Services

    Wetlands Creation, Restoration or Wetland Construction Services

    Wetlands Creation is the construction of a wetland in an area that was not a wetland in the recent past (within the last 100-200 years) and that is isolated from existing wetlands (i.e., not directly adjacent). In other words, creation occurs when a wetland is placed on the landscape by some human activity on a non-wetland site. Typically, a wetland is created by excavation of upland soils to elevations that will support the growth of...

  • Landfill Construction Services

    Landfill Construction Services

    Predominantly we contract on existing or abandoned landfills performing various scopes of work. Repairing or reconstructing clay caps with liner if pertinent. Installation of welded HDPE pipe for leachate or gas collection piping. Installation of structures or storage tanks to support the leachate and gas collection system. Installation of leachate sprinkler systems to re-circulate landfill liquid waste. Managing onsite waste from excavations....

  • Soil Remediation Services

    Soil Remediation Services

    Excavation processes can be as simple as hauling the contaminated soil to a regulated landfill which is typically referred to has dig and haul. It can also involve aerating the excavated material in the case of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Recent advancements in bio-augmentation and bio-stimulation of the excavated material have also proven to be able to remediate semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) onsite. If the contamination affects a...

  • Environmental Services - 24hr Emergency Response: 877.683.7724

    EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES ON LAND AND IN WATER: • Mercury clean up and disposal • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal • Sampling services • Inventory of drums, totes, buckets • Gaylord boxes and liners • Tank cleaning/Confined space entry • Waste transportation • Chemical and fuel spill containment • Emergency above ground/underground storage tank removal • 24/7 response with a person answering the call • We don’t call the EPA, we advise 24hr Emergency Response: 877.683.7724

  • Emergency Spill Response Service

    Emergency Spill Response Service

    Our emergency spill response teams are highly trained environmental professionals prepared to respond to any environmental emergency incidents or containment, such as a natural disaster, train derailment, mercury spills, or other hazardous chemical release, vehicle accidents, or overturned trucks. Emergency Spills happen on the road in heavy traffic, industrial facilities, in waterways, or underground into drainage sewers, etc. We're ready 24/7/365. Our...