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  • Online Course- Landfills

  • Landfill Economics Course 101

    Landfill Economics Course 101

    The purpose of this introductory course on landfill economics is to provide an overview of the major principles associated with full cost accounting. The course addresses the basic components of landfill costs, including site development, permitting, labor, equipment, and materials, and other items such as capital expenditures, accruals, and depreciation. The course also addresses accounting approaches, landfill revenue generation and the major...

  • Decomposition in Landfills: Impacts on Gas & Leachate Course

    Decomposition in Landfills: Impacts on Gas & Leachate Course

    The major biodegradable components of municipal solid waste include paper, food waste and yard waste. All of these materials contain cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, with cellulose and hemicellulose responsible for most of the methane produced in landfills. When these wastes are buried in landfills, a complex series of chemical and biological reactions is initiated. The end products of anaerobic biological decomposition in landfills are methane...

  • Stormwater Permitting Course

    Stormwater Permitting Course

    Stormwater is a leading source of water pollution and consequently, EPA has set effluent standards under the national pollution discharge elimination system (NPDES).  Stormwater discharges from solid waste facilities must be permitted because their operations are subject to the discharge requirements for industrial facilities.  They must also comply with construction site requirements during facility development.

  • Landfill Gas Flow through Solid Waste Course

    Landfill Gas Flow through Solid Waste Course

    This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of processes affecting the transport of landfill gas through solid waste, to introduce existing models for describing these processes, and to illustrate how these models can be used to design gas collection wells and gas collection well systems. Participants will acquire a fundamental understanding of landfill gas flow and collection and an appreciation for the modeling tools that can guide the...