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  • Asbestos Stripping

    Asbestos Stripping

    The danger of exposure to asbestos fibres is now well established. All asbestos materials will have to be removed and safely disposed off in the medium term future. New legislation regarding the handling of asbestos was adopted in February 2002 to ensure the safety of workers (Regulation 155 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993).  Companies handling asbestos on a regular basis have to be authorised as an asbestos contractor...

  • Events Recycling

    Events Recycling

    EnviroServ caters for recycling at public events.  We ensure that events such as air-shows, music concerts, trade shows, parades or sports events where large amounts of waste is generated, treat the environment in a responsible manner.  We offer a complete clean-up service and will plan and carry out the entire waste management programme on your behalf.  Our aim is to make all events, “green” events.

  • Fluorescent Lamp Boxes

    Fluorescent Lamp Boxes

    Fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps and other energy efficient lighting such as linear fluorescent and high-intensity discharge lamps contain hazardous elements such as mercury and cadmium (both known carcinogens) as well as lead. For this reason concern is growing about the environmental impact of these forms of lighting.  There is a clear need for them to be disposed of responsibly. It is estimated that a single fluorescent tube...