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  • Routine Inspections Services

    Routine Inspections Services

    Routine inspections for the site are required to ensure that the SWPPP is working and that the operators are not polluting “Waters of the US”. Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP) requires that inspections for the project be conducted every seven (7) days and within twenty-four (24) hours of a half inch or more rain event. Inspections allow you to know if your program is working and, if there are weaknesses, give you some...

  • Dust Monitoring Services

    Dust Monitoring Services

    Regulations in Clark County call for any project that disturbs 50 acres or more must have a full-time Certified Dust Monitor on site during all soil disturbing activities. This Dust Monitor must constantly observe the site looking for air quality problems and thoroughly document the findings. In addition, the Dust Monitor many times acts as the liaison between contractors and the owner and between the regulators and the owner. In addition to...