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  • Hazardous Material Remediation

    Hazardous Material Remediation

    Contaminated property can present health and safety concerns, regulatory compliance issues, interrupted real estate transactions, loss of real estate value and business interruption; and, there's always the risk of unwanted negative publicity. ERSI helps property owners simplify the complex issues associated with site remediation. We work with your environmental consultants, as well as regulatory officials, to successfully guide you through the site...

  • Cleanroom Decommissioning

    Cleanroom Decommissioning

    As laboratories continue to adjust their space so that it is the right size for their research there will be a need for dean room decommissioning. This is important so that any environmental risks can be mitigated and the lab space can be rendered safe prior to any demolition, renovation or property sales. With ERSI's environmental due diligence your Clean Room can be managed and deaned up to remove environmenlal concerns and liability. Depending upon...

  • Industrial Demolition

    Industrial Demolition

    At an industrial business site, each subtask becomes more specialized. Everyone involved needs to be very detail oriented in order to provide the most value to the client, and perform the tasks in the most efficient manner. In order to provide the best value to its clients ERSI has taken the last decade to become a Turn-Key supplier, self performing all services from start to finish. A small cross-section of these services is listed below. Interior Type...

  • Plant Decommissioning

    Plant Decommissioning

    Whether your facility is large or small ERSI has the capability to properly remediate and help shut down a facility in order to prepare it for complete demolition. ERSI has performed numerous building and entire site decommissioning projects. Similar work has been performed at brownfield sites across New York state. The first stage to decommissioning a site includes Ihe removal of hazardous materials and readying the structures for demolition.

  • Demolition


    When someone mentions thai they would like a building demolished It sounds almosl like a relatively easy task. What doesn't often get covered is the complex planning and preparation that takes place before the first worker arrives on site. Luckily. ERSI has a variety of trained staff members ready to lend their specialized experience to your demolition project. When we hear demolition, we think about all of the subtasks that go along with such an 'easy'...